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E3 2014: Star Wars: Battlefront--We'll "See More Spring 2015"

Rebuilding the galaxy far, far away.

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EA kicked off its E3 2014 press conference with a trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront, being made by DICE, and that we can expect to "see more" in spring 2015, though just what that means wasn't made clear.

As design director Niklas Fegreaus touted the ways in which the team is studying props from the original films and visiting some of the key locations where those films were shot, the trailer showed early in-engine footage, which did indeed seem to faithfully capture the look of locations like Hoth and the forest moon of Endor, as well as signature vehicles like the snowspeeder and the speederbike.

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The trailer didn't contain any footage of the combat the Battlefront games are built around, so clearly there's still a lot left to be revealed about this rebirth for the series.

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