E3 2014: Sony Shows a Spookier Side to The Order: 1886

Becoming hunted.

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The Order: 1886, the upcoming third-person shooter from developer Ready at Dawn Studios, has so far been presented as a action-packed, steampunk-inspired shooter cut from the cloth of Gears of War and others. When I saw the game, and tried out the recently-announced thermite rifle, this was certainly the case. However, during Sony’s E3 2014 presentation, Ready at Dawn decided to show a different side of The Order.

This new footage (embed above) opened on what appeared to be some sort of hospital or sanitarium. Armed with a simple lantern, our hero navigated the narrow hallways, illuminating various medical instruments and diagrams. The tone was more somber and the pacing much slower than what has been shown before. Where things got really interesting, however, was with the introduction of what appeared to be a zombie. But it wasn’t a zombie. This creature quickly mutated into more of a werewolf, sprouting long claws and a thin coat of fur.

The ensuing battle saw our hero running for his life from this beast. It was a slice of gameplay that definitely looked like an introduction to this type of enemy but, in my opinion, it lacked the gravitas of boss encounter. This makes me think werewolf will be encountered multiple times during the game. Things could get tricky when you consider everything that was shown of this beast was centered around it hunting and tracking you. Having to deal with multiple hunters at once could quickly get overwhelming.

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