E3 2014: Our Favorites Games, Moments, and Memories

Getting better all the time.

E3 2014 has drawn to a close, but that only means we can finally sit back and actually take in everything that happened. The press conferences and convention hall gave us a glimpse at what to expect for the rest of the year and beyond, but in this feature, GameSpot's editors share the moments that stood out the most. Here are our favorite moments from E3.

Interviewing Abzu's Creator - Thomas Mc Shea

In a lonely corner of the convention center, sitting cross-legged on the ground while hunched over in anticipation, I spoke to Matt Nava about his upcoming project, Abzu. To pick the mind of the artist who brought the sublime Journey to life, and hear about his profound ambitions in this upcoming PlayStation adventure, was a privilege I won't soon forget. This was one of my career highlights.

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Evolve - Mark Walton

The Order: 1866 might have been the prettiest thing I saw at E3 this year, but Evolve was by the far the most fun. I certainly wasn't the only one to think so. The crowds gathered around the 2K booth were huge, and there were raucous cheers every time the Kraken laid waste to a team of hapless Hunters. I didn't get to take on the role of the Kraken myself (although a certain Mr. Hindes did), but playing as a Trapper class and going on the hunt it was clear how finely tuned and how much stupid fun Evolve's 4v1 multiplayer is. Can't wait.

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Fantasia: Music Evolved - Kevin VanOrd

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt was my favorite game at E3 2014, but the most joy I had was playing Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved M with a group of developers and other players. This was my first experience with Fantasia, and I can't believe it had taken me so long to play it. I felt at one with the music, waving my arms in time to the melodies and swaying to the rhythm. Harmonix was kind enough to let me play multiple classical tracks, and it was such a wonder to express my love of Tchaikovsky and Dvorak by mixing the music as it progressed and gesticulating all the while, as if weaving the notes together into a colorful tapestry of sound.

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Devolver Digital's Showing - Alex Newhouse

My favorite thing at E3 wasn't even in the convention halls. It was across the street, in a parking lot, where publisher Devolver Digital had set up a bunch of trailers and had a barbecue. In each of those trailers was housed a couple developers and their game. After two hours, I had seen creativity, passion, and unbridled enthusiasm on a scale that I didn't think possible. There was no mainstream marketing--these developers simply loved making games, and they wanted to show off titles that were original and personal. It was striking, but above all else, it was encouraging. If the future of games is to be defined by the likes of Not A Hero, Titan Souls, and The Talos Principle, then we have a lot to be excited about.

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The Convention Halls - Martin Gaston

The games industry is full of cynics, and, at time, I'm even one of them. But my favorite thing about E3? Every year, every single year, there is something special and fascinating about the show, pockets of magic between the aching fields of lights and sounds in the south and west halls. Every year I have a moment, smooshed between that opening barrage of endless press conferences and the exhaustion of the closing day, a moment where I just have to stop whatever I’m doing and just…video games.

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Grim Fandango's Announcement - Justin Haywald

Working on the news desk, I'm constantly surrounded by so much rumor and speculation that very little at E3 comes as a genuine surprise. But the revival announcement during Sony's press conference of one of the greatest adventure games of all time, Grim Fandango, filled me with a moment of pure, child-like excitement. Sure, I'd rather be able to get the game DRM-free on Steam or GOG, but anything that allows people to experience this adventure gaming classic is OK by me.

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Interviewing Lichdom Battlemage's Creator - Danny O'Dwyer

Before each stage demo I have a little chin-wag with our guest to help them get comfortable. Michael McMain, creator of Lichdom Battlemage is a man with some years on his face, so I thought to ask him about his career making games. To my surprise he told me he had none. CEO of a small but successful software company, and life-long fan of RPGs, he decided to change industries rather dramatically. He took on some developers, and with the help of his team of engineers they crafted his dream game; one where his favorite character class is all powerful. His smile as we started our interview reminded me of why we were all at E3.

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The Halo Master Chief Collection - Eddie Makuch

My favorite thing at E3 was the official announcement of the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One. Halo is one of my most favorite franchises and I can't wait to play Halo 1-4 again in bright, shiny 1080p/60fps with multiplayer powered by dedicated servers. Sure, it would have been nice for Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach to be there as well, but it's clear Microsoft is not cutting any corners with bringing the compilation pack to market on November 11. The icing on the cake? The bundle includes beta access to Halo 5: Guardians. How sweet is that?

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Fantasia: Music Evolved - Zorine Te

My favorite thing at E3 was frantically flailing my limbs to remixed classical musical at my final appointment of the show, Disney's Fantasia. The music invigorated and inspired me, giving life to what was formerly a worn out convention-goer. Multiplayer proved even more entertaining, especially when Kevin VanOrd accidentally smacked me on the shoulder in his enthusiasm.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Peter Brown

I got to see a 35-minute demo of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which was far and away my favorite E3 moment. After watching the dark cinematic trailer during Sony's press conference, I was expecting the in-game demo to present itself in a similar tone, but I should have known better. The demo was full of hilarious moments, and while I can understand why the juxtaposition of silly and serious might not work for everyone, it’s one of my favorite aspects of the series, so I was very happy to see it again in The Phantom Pain.

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Night in the Woods - Carolyn Petit

The highlight of my E3 was the 20 minutes that I spent playing Night in the Woods, a story-driven adventure game in which you play as Mae, a cat whose world is changing whether she wants it to or not. If the brief section I played accurately reflects the entire game, Night in the Woods could be a disarmingly sincere, funny, sad, and truthful adventure that anyone who has ever reluctantly had to grow up can relate to.

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No Man's Sky - Randolph Ramsay

I remember watching No Man's Sky during the Sony press conference with my mouth agape. This was audacious, I thought, as I marveled at the sheer scope and ambition driving the creation of this game. Will it be able to live up to its potential? We'll have to wait to find out, but feelings of pure awe are becoming rare at E3, so I'll treasure every one that comes my way.

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The Press Conferences - Maxwell McGee

You guys reading at home don't get to see this, but the press conference day before E3 is always such an exciting, energetic time in the GameSpot war room. We all gather around the monitors to cheer, bemoan, make snarky comments about, and otherwise obsess over each announcement and what it means for the gaming industry. Everyone gets involved--including our international editors--and it's a fun, collaborative experience.

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Daniel Hindes

Playing Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was easily my highlight of the show. There are few games at E3 that actually floor you with the implications of the new ideas they attempt--usually it's more like you're getting blasted by loud noise and pretty graphics for 20 minutes. But Shadow of Mordor looks smart, despite it being right next to a Mortal Kombat game in which I saw a man's testicles explode.

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Evolve - Chris Watters

The open world of The Witcher III. The escalating mayhem of Far Cry 4. The gut-wrenching trailer for The Division. A lot of games impressed me at E3 2014, but my favorite was one I'd already played. My few matches of Evolve had already convinced me that the game was something special, so when I stole away from our stage show to get in a few more, I was thrilled. I wreaked utter havoc as the Kraken. I slew the towering beast as a hunter. October can't come soon enough.

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What did you you most enjoy about this year's E3? Let us know in the comments below. And for even more E3 coverage, check out our E3 hub page.

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My favorite moment was during the Microsoft conference when I realized the trailer with that girl in therapy was for the new Tomb Raider. I was working and couldn't actually react, but it was awesome that no one knew it was coming. E3 this year was great overall. Incredible games are coming our way!!


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Good E3 overall. Made me excited about all the games coming this year and next.

Avatar image for Veenox

Eddie *facepalm*, again.

Avatar image for eternal_napalm

Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, The Legend of Zelda and Destiny are my most anticipated games by far. It's still too early for Uncharted 4 and Tomb Raider, although it was nice seeing an in-engine teaser and a trailer, respectively. Other games I'm excited for are Inquisition, The Order 1886, Far Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid V. And three independent games.

I played about three hours of the Destiny alpha today as a Warlock and the rpg mechanics are robust, and the shooting massively improved over the lackluster shooting in Halo with much more precision, taking cues from Battlefield for sure. The Tower is full of NPCs and vendors, with a gorgeous overlook of the last city and the Traveller. Devil Walkers will kill you very quickly, often one hit, and you can come into a high level area and get a beatdown at any given moment. Everything seems polished in the Alpha, and I didn't encounter any bugs whatsoever, shockingly, although they inevitably exist. Seems like the level cap is 8 for it. Found a Rare assault rifle and most loot is encrypted and can't be accessed until decrypted at the Tower, probably to prevent being in the menus too much in the field. Speaking of which, if you are in a menu, it keeps you live in the game world aka Dark Souls; I was getting shot while looking in my inventory :P. The weight of impact shots from a Devil Walker that miss give a good sense of immediate weight through rumble. Can't wait to play more

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Bloodborne,MGS5,Grim Fandango remake,Zelda,Witcher 3,No Man Sky and ofc Uncharted 4 :D

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Best thing about E3 was Nintendo Treehouse-stream

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No man's sky \m/ Somehow I liked it more than most of the games I was expecting to see at E3. Also Night in the Woods looks like it could be a fun game.
And I really hope they shift the release date for Shadow of Mordor. It's been a long time since we got a good LOTR game. I don't think it would be a good idea to have it released on the saw day as DA Inquisition as it's a well established franchise.

Avatar image for Sevenizz

So many are glossing over the new arcade racer from Criterion. These guys made Burnout 3: Takedown - arguably the best arcade racer ever! Although, they made Paradise after that, so no one's perfect.

That, Rainbow Six and Halo Collection were my highlights.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Burnout Paradise is perfect!

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For anyone wondering about the testicle-explosion line, that's Cassie Cage's X-ray move in MKX, which they worked very hard not to show in any of the stage demos, because it's... well, you know. A guy's balls exploding. Euuugggghhh. Ow.

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everything that doesn't come out in 2015 comes out in october... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO AFFORD ALL THESE GAMES?!

Avatar image for Hurvl

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Sounds very promising and it's great to hear that other people like what they have seen and, more importantly, have gotten to play. I was thinking it might be another one of those disappointing games, full of wasted potential, what with it being based on a beloved IP, but hearing this praise is highly encouraging. There are too few Lotr games for PC like this one.

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Even though I was very unimpressed with Sony's press conference, No Man's Sky won the game of the show for me. Beautiful vibrant colors, imaginative world, and the seamless jump from planet to space was truly something new and creative. Plus that dude presenting seemed like he smoked himself out of his mind.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Seriously, GameSpot hardly mentioned about Rainbow Six: Siege, which was playable and applaud from various gaming publications.

Avatar image for Djwolfram

<< LINK REMOVED >> because its Ubisoft game,90% people doesnt trust them and every blockbuster game from them uses the same Gta/ASS creed system and its getiing reaaaallllyyyyyy boring

Avatar image for spacecadet25

<< LINK REMOVED >> Funny you mention that. I didn't think much about this, but when Gamespot recently had the E3 grab bag contest, where you could enter a comment with the name of the E3 game you are most excited about, I tried over and over to enter a comment mentioning Rainbow Six Siege, but it kept asking me to log in, over and over I tried, so I eventually couldn't vote for Rainbow Six (so I didn't vote at all).

Makes me wonder how much they really, really hate that game. Maybe they'll even rig a contest.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yea I found it disappointing to hear the gamespot team talk about playing it because they only showed the stage demo, I just wanted to see more gameplay. It's definitely the best looking FPS I've ever seen since Crysis.

I can only imagine how awesome the campaign will be in this one, something most FPS's severely lack is the destruction. There's something deviously satisfying about destroying and blowing things up in video games that I can't seem to get enough of.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Gotta love destruction!

Avatar image for soccerpzn

<< LINK REMOVED >> yea how dare they like something different than you do.

Avatar image for GSyyjeager_titanyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> Its because tom didn't like it.

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My favorite part of E3 was the Zelda game for Wii U being revealed. Also everyone in case you hadn't heard Final Fantasy 7 is being remade and will be a PS4 exclusive. Release date is Sept. 15, 2014 worldwide. The producer I forget his name revealed it on Twitter.

Avatar image for thecman25

<< LINK REMOVED >> so?

Avatar image for returnofsoma42

Correction: The release date is September 20, 2015. Damn typo.

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I liked everything, especially Nintendo's digital conference, it was very entertaining

Avatar image for elunesgraces

<< LINK REMOVED >> The robot chicken stuff was hilarious! Especially Reggie taking shots at that annoying fanboy in the audience.

Avatar image for rasterror

The showing of Zelda just goes to show you don't need the most powerful console to have the best looking game. Man I can't wait to get that and SSB.

Avatar image for GSyyjeager_titanyyGS

No mans sky trailer, Elite dangerous stage demo, Bloodborne announcement etc.

Avatar image for Sushiglutton

When a player used the bird character in LBP3 to pick up his buddy and carry him over an obstacle put a smile on my face :)! The entire LBP3 demo was so cute and whimsical.

Avatar image for Michformer

Michael McMain's story is quite inspiring.

Avatar image for theguardian04

Chris changed his mind? i thought he said Shadow of Mordor was his game of show and impressed him the most?

Anyways Peter and Tom FTW. great choices overall from everyone.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Well I guess favourite moments of the show can be very different from favourite or most anticipated game. For example, you could be super stoked for Shadows of Mordor but then at the actual show had more fun playing Evolve.

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Martin Gaston was super funny this year. If this was sports I'd be like "this Martin Gaston is a young player with a lot of potential". Glad he got so much time on the Gamespot panels. Always found him to be a funny guy.

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Martin Gaston FTW!

Avatar image for rasterror

Hulk smash!

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Lol whoever was in charge of the sounds must be having a hard time that day