E3 2014: Mortal Kombat X’s Gruesome Display at the Sony Press Conference

Two new characters unveiled at Mortal Kombat X’s first official public showing.

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Mortal Kombat X was officially unveiled recently, but we had to wait until today’s Sony 2014 E3 press conference to get our first glimpse of gameplay for the upcoming brawler. And yes--what was shown certainly looks like Mortal Kombat of old, except it was a much prettier, squishier, and more gruesome Mortal Kombat than we’ve ever seen before.

Of course, that’s probably not surprising, given this is Mortal Kombat’s debut on current-gen consoles (in this case, obviously being shown on a PS4). A battle between perennial enemies Scorpion and Sub-Zero showcased the duo’s classic moves, but what really stood out was the added ick factor of seeing all this brutality running on a beast like the PS4. X-ray moves such as spines breaking, eyeholes being ruptured, or rib cages splintering were wince inducing, as were the various fatalities showed off during the brief gameplay look. Scorpion and Sub-Zero’s fight also showcased some environmental abilities cribbed from the Injustice series. At one point, Scorpion used a branch to swing around and launch an attack, while a little further on, Sub-Zero grabbed a much larger branch from a nearby tree and used it as a club.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about our first look at Mortal Kombat X was the unveiling of two new characters. The two characters--who were unnamed during the demo--were shown fighting on a dock near the seaside. One was a female character who seemed to have some affinity with bugs given the amount of critters flying and crawling around her, while the other newbie fought as a duo--one was a hulking brute, while the other was a little person who rode on his larger buddy's back (think the duo from Master Blaster from Mad Max 3). Check out our video above to see both of these new additions to the Mortal Kombat X in action.

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Avatar image for norberto_pena

The trailer I saw had my hopes a little too high, sadly I look back on it realizing the trailer was nothing but all CGI.

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Day one purchase for me and if liu kang,kano and shang tsung are in,flawless victory.

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@awolfamongyou dude FUKKKKKK thiss tupid game i HATE this mortal combat an all western macho man games an i hate MACHo manly STUPID scorpion -__-

my dead or alive games sell more than this crap, dead or alive 5 ultimate looks 1000 times better than mortal crapbat x and my yosuke hayashi hayate kasumi ayane haauybsua would all DESTROY scorpion an the entire mk cast

Ronan from murdered soul suspect would BEAT your stupid macho man main character scorp an the rest in seconds RONAN can kill everyone in mortal crapbat

MKX will fail and my japanese games dead or alive 5 ultimate dead or alive 6 and murdered soul suspect and my devil may cry games will sell more than stupid MKX -__-

Avatar image for whakyZ86

@doahayatekasumi @awolfamongyou obsessed much?

Avatar image for miser_cz

@doahayatekasumi @awolfamongyou Why would you care, this is PG-13.

Avatar image for doahayatekasumi

@miser_cz @doahayatekasumi @awolfamongyou HAHHAHA seee mortal kombat is pg13 hahhahahahahaa

my dead or alive 5 ultimate an murdered soul suspect and Scalebound are all MATURE GAMES and are much cooler than your western macho mortal combat trash games an all your other western junk games like assassin creed middle earth batman call of crappy battlecrap field HAHAHA YOU WESTERNERS SUCK AT MAKING GAMES

dead or alive RULES scalebound RULES AN ROOCKS YEAHHHHH MY MAIN PROTAGONIST LOOK AWESOME HAYATE KASUMI AYANE HAYABSUA an scalebound has MY DANTE<3 an murdered soul suspect has MY RONAN<3

what do your crap macho western games have STUPID MACHO HEROES -_-

i prefer soft skinny slim pretty pure looks with FULL HAIR an perfect looks like my hayate hayabsua in dead or alive, my school girl hot chicks kasumi ayane of dead or alive DANTE with beautiful thin body beautiful blonde hair from devil may cry an scalebound an ronan from murdered soul suspect my protagonist rules ^_^

Avatar image for Zee1027

@doahayatekasumi @miser_cz @awolfamongyou what are you talking about? It doesn't matter which game you prefer. If somebody likes them, then all games are good. It doesn't matter if they're "dead or alive."

Avatar image for SoulxReaperx366

New Goro-like character :D CAN'T WAIT!!!

Avatar image for doahayatekasumi

@SoulxReaperx366 dude shut up mortal kombat SUCKS

my scalebound, murdered soul suspect an dead or alive 5 ultimate ARE ALL SELLING MILLION COPIES more than your macho western style crap mortal kombat games an other stupid western macho games


Avatar image for finalkain

To those crying this isnt a 3d game, the best balanced fighters are 2d.

Avatar image for zauxst

The little guy in combination with the large brute and the way it was sitting on his back, made me think of the alchemist from doto.

Avatar image for donmega1

i don't like the bone crushing moves. let me clarify that, it doesn't make sense to have them break skulls and arms and the opponent keeps on like nothing ever happened .

Avatar image for -s3r6i0-

@donmega1 It's called suspension of disbelief. You have to lose yourself in the fantasy. Elbow and knee breaks are cool and it wouldn't make any sense to have them as fatalities. Although maybe at the end of the match with 1 long round instead of 2, would probably make more sense. Anyway, you can't get too serious about a game where the fighters have super powers and rip each others hearts out.

Avatar image for zauxst

@donmega1 Would actually be awsome if it would have an impact on the long run, since the pros don't even get to use those x-ray abilities, most just use the tag combos or x-bilities :D

Avatar image for spacecadet25

This would almost look cool, except that it's yet another lazy 2D fighter again. Pass!! What happened to 3D? I guess people want their depth of fighting not coming from moving your character and doing stuff, but instead trying to master insanely dumb combos in a shallow 2D environment.

Avatar image for t_c_o_m


2D is the core of MORTAL KOMBAT and when they tried to make the chars circle around like in desception , deadly alliance or armageddon it was anything but MORTAL KOMBAT and it failed big time

Avatar image for Crucifier_Z

@t_c_o_m @spacecadet25 I actually quite liked armageddon, it had an interesting change of pace.. especially in the single player campaign. Atleast it still had that old feel of the MK1-3 games, the modern ones don't imo. I miss the old announcer for example

Avatar image for spacecadet25

@t_c_o_m @spacecadet25 I thought those games were awesome, a great step forward. 2D is living in the past, and great for lazy developers and lazy fighters, who just BS combo people to death instead of actually fighting.

Avatar image for t_c_o_m

@spacecadet25 @t_c_o_m

Well i'm not a game developer but making a 2D game with such details i think is way harder than a 3D fighting game and don't try to compare MK to other fighting games like tekken for example coz every game got it's own essence and MORTAL KOMBAT is a 2D fighting game since day 1 and when they tried to tamper with it they just ruined it in most of the MK past series till they got it back to it's former glory in MK9 (2D) and that was MORTAL KOMBAT not just a tekken based fighting game and for the combos well i don't think combos will make a big difference if it's a 2D or 3D fighting game but trust me 3D MK was nothing like MK should be it was a hybrid of tekken and soul calibur lol

Avatar image for horaciusl

For me it was the first time ever a tv show made me feel bad, but I mean really bad

Avatar image for smtgfx

This is Horrid for the weak mind.!!!

Avatar image for bottaboomstick

MK9 was a day one buy...loved it. It reminded me of MK2 I didn't play it much though. MKX will be a day one buy as well...and i probably won't play it as much as i want as well. no regrets though

Avatar image for beuneus12

I want! :p

Avatar image for ujiosangi

I really hope they will bring back Tremor and Fujin.

Avatar image for spacecadet25

@ujiosangi I really hope they bring back 3D, instead of this 2D crap.

Avatar image for pokatalk

My favourite characters are still Scorpion and Noob Caibot.

Avatar image for DonGibon

@pokatalk it's Saibot. Don't you dare misspell my fav char. After smoke... and Reptile...

Avatar image for pokatalk

@DonGibon @pokatalk Sorry, my bad. :)

Avatar image for deactivated-584419ec3a052

I will without a doubt be picking this one up as well. Dammit E3, you make my wallet cry. Glad it looks good, though. I'm a big, big fan of MK, and some gory next-gen combat will more than make me happy.

Avatar image for Mrod1212

Does anyone know the name of the aztec warrior dude?

Avatar image for lonewolf604

@Mrod1212 kotal kahn

Avatar image for simonbelmont2

@Mrod1212 Some viewers think it is Shinnok.

Avatar image for ujiosangi

@simonbelmont2 @Mrod1212 He is not shinnok.

Avatar image for fatalflame

I just hope that SubZero eventually wins a fight!

Avatar image for t_c_o_m


Same here and heaps of people are just like you and me but hope that goes through ed boon's thick head and he realizes that he won't force everyone to love scorpion just coz he does lol

Avatar image for GlaciusXL

@t_c_o_m @GamerX-treme Sub-Zero killed Scorpion before the first game even began. Scorpions just spent his whole life trying to get that revenge. Meanwhile Sub was in MK3 and Scorpion wasn't until UMK3 where Sub got a 2nd version added. Sub got his own game. And in MK9 he had a Cyber version.

Avatar image for t_c_o_m

@GlaciusXL @t_c_o_m @GamerX-treme

That 2nd version of SUB-ZERO you mentioned was the younger brother (the new SUB-ZERO) "the one with the scar" who had one goal but to avenge his elder brother ..that's what i was looking for in a trailer but ed boon's fascination with SCORPION is beyond limits and i can't believe he is taking this on the BIGGEST fighting game ever

Avatar image for world4games

I hope for better net code.

Avatar image for beuneus12

@world4games buy it for 'da cloud'

Avatar image for blissseeker

Heheh... Gotta love those Scorpion vs. Sub Zero fights! :D

Avatar image for SaQu1B

This game looks badass.

Avatar image for AdrianJNYC

I'm very excited about the upcoming Mortal Kombat and the combat system was satisfying - despite its moderate learning curve.

Avatar image for ObxChillin


Avatar image for xbox360tk1387

i am upset that NETHEREALMS is showing LAMESTATION preference over the more powerful xbox brand!!! just like how we were robbed of an exclusive character on MK9!!! OUTRAGE!

Avatar image for daikkenaurora12

@xbox360tk1387 We all know how powerful the X1 is. Thats why they favor the PS4.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

@xbox360tk1387 Looks like you were misinformed.

Avatar image for ujiosangi

@xbox360tk1387 Lamestation ? LOL.. Kid ps4 a lot more powerful than your shitbox.

Avatar image for GlaciusXL

@xbox360tk1387 Your user name is showing preference.. oh noes!!

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Sweet, it has been confirmed for PC! Great news, very excited for this!

Even of the combat is similar to injustice/ MK9 I'll still be happy as long as it's somewhat balanced out of the gate and NR doesn't ruin it with patches.

Avatar image for simonbelmont2

@Richardthe3rd That is good news for PC players.