E3 2014 GameSpot Cast and Crew

GameSpot is rolling deep to E3. Here’s who to follow from GameSpot this year for the best inside scoop.

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From live press conferences to breaking news, GameSpot's E3 hub is where you'll find all things E3. Here is everything GameSpot will cover and the awesome editors bringing it all to you.

Press Conferences

Watch all five press conferences live on GameSpot:

Monday, June 9

Tuesday, June 10

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News Updates

Our news team will be attending E3 this year in force. They're live blogging all the press conferences this year so watch and comment along in real time. In addition, GS News host Jess McDonell will be checking in on video with the latest and greatest from our war room as news breaks.

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The Stage Shows

This year GameSpot will be having not one, but two stages jammed packed with E3 awesomeness. Here is are the start times for both our Samsung Stage and our GameSpot stage shows:

Tuesday, June 10 - 12:00PM PDT / Tuesday 8:00PM BST / Wednesday 5:00AM AEST

Wednesday, June 11 - 10:00AM PDT / Wednesday 6PM BST / Thursday 3:00AM AEST

Thursday, June 12 - 10:00AM PDT / Thursday 6PM BST / Friday 3:00AM AEST

Take a look at the live show schedule — there's sure to be a ton of new guests, games, and surprises so check back often.

We'll be taking your questions in our brand-spanking new GameSpot chat room during the streams so make sure you stop by, say hi, and tell us what you want to see!

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Live Cam

The live cam is returning again this year with your favorite Video Viking, Colin Carlisle, leading the charge. But he’s not alone! This year he has a rag-tag-trio joining him to help host the live stream. Lisa Foiles, Anna Prosser Robinson, and Homer Rabara will be tag-teaming through our live cam coverage every day.

Send them a tweet with what you want to see and where to go — they'll be listening!

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Previews and Features

Last year, it was about the console war. But this year, games will dominate the stage and we’ll be ready for them. Our crack team of editors will be swarming booths, taking appointments, and shaking down devs for juicy insights.

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