E3 2014: Far Cry 4 Reveals Open World Co-op, Elephants and Gyrocopters

At Sony's E3 press conference, Ubisoft has revealed a full two player cooperative mode across Far Cry 4's open world.


Far Cry 4

A new trailer has revealed significant new gameplay mechanics for Far Cry 4. The most significant of which is a two-player cooperative mode which plays out across the open world of Kyrat. The second player joins the game as Hurk, a side character. The trailer shows Hurk picking up the first player in his gyrocopter and ferrying them to an enemy outpost. In surprising news, players who own Far Cry 4 on PS3 or PS4 can invite their friends to play, even if that friend does not own the game.

Additional new mechanics included the ability to kick explosive barrels into enemies, as well as a new kind of takedown that saw the player leap from their car into a truck, kill both passenger and driver, and take control of the vehicle. Another addition includes the ability to fire one-handed weapons out of a vehicle whilst driving it. The wingsuit also made a return, and new animals such as elephants were seen stampeding through an outpost.

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