E3 2014: Fable Legends Lets You Play as a Villain

Fable Legends will let you play as a villain. Plus, there's a beta coming out this holiday.


Fable Legends

"Fable Legends is a bold and innovate adventure." The PR messaging that starting the presentation on the next Fable game was certainly groan-worthy, but once those buzzwords were dropped and the game proper started, things became a lot more interesting. Fable has always been a gorgeous game, a beautiful, colorful world that contrasts wonderfully with the mature visual stylings that are so prevalent on the Xbox One. And Fable Legends looks downright amazing.

But it's the villain mode that looks so amazing. Like in Dungeon Keeper (which Peter Molyneux made before founding Lionhead), you can lay down traps from the four human-controlled heroes of good. Talk about an exciting option for those who would rather grief their friends that team up with them. You can lay down obstacles, place ogres around dark corners, and generally be a pest, which is the best way to play games.

And if you do enjoy teaming up, the action when you're a hero looks deeper than what previous Fable games offered. Your moves don't look as context-sensitive now, so maybe there's more to victory than just mashing a button. We can only hope. If you're anxious to play, there's a multiplayer beta coming to the Xbox One this holiday. Yay!

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