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E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Offers 40 "Major Endings"

It's also got more romance options than either of the first two Dragon Age games.

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Whether fairly or unfairly, BioWare is often criticized for what's perceived as a limited range of endings for Mass Effect 3. Right now, it sounds as if that's unlikely to be a problem for BioWare's next game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, which will offer 40 endings and more romance options than its predecessors.

Responding to a question about multiple endings, Inquisition producer Cameron Lee said on Twitter (via Gameranx), "40 major endings with additional variations." The nature of these variations, and exactly how different the endings will be from each other, was not explained, but it sounds promising at this stage.

Separately, the number of romance options available to players has also been addressed. Creative director Mike Laidlaw was quoted as saying Inquisition features "more romances than any previous BioWare game." However, he has since clarified that he was only referring to Dragon Age games. A specific number wasn't provided, but it does provide series fans with some sense of what to expect. According to the unofficial Dragon Age wiki, Dragon Age: Origins had four romance options, while Dragon Age II had five (counting the game's DLC).

Ahead of its release in October, Inquisition has received a positive response for its E3 showing this week. Be sure to check out the new trailer that debuted on Monday and read our impressions of the game for more.

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