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E3 2014: Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter Thrusts the Mushroomed One in the Starring Role

Nintendo announces an all-new adventure starring Toad.

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Who knew that Toad had a greedy side? Nintendo has thrust the mushroomed one into a starring role, expanding on the bite-size levels found in Super Mario 3D World. In Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter, you push through isometric locales in search of the money that fuels whatever Toad has when he's not on an exotic adventure. These levels in 3D World provided an interesting twist from the platforming segments that dominated the main game, forcing you to put serious thought into your movement to reach the goals at the end. Toad isn't nearly as nimble as Mario, after all, so you need to use your mind instead of your feet.

It will be interesting to see how complex the puzzles become. In 3D World, raw determination was enough to progress because your movement options were limited. But the simple ideas are so compelling that it should be fascinating to see those concepts built upon to create an entire game. We won't have too long to find out. Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter is due for release later this year.

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