E3 2014: Bungie's Destiny Doesn't Support Split-Screen Co-Op

"Ultimately, you can't build a game to suit every single player out there," Bungie's Eric Osborne says.

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Split-screen co-op was a hallmark of Bungie's Halo series, but the same can't be said for the developer's next game, the multiplayer-focused shooter Destiny. The game won't have split-screen support, not because the studio doesn't like the feature, but because it doesn't fit with the developer's ambitions for the project.

"We're actually not supporting split-screen in Destiny," Bungie community manager Eric Osborne told GameSpot during E3 this week. "We love split-screen. Obviously we have a legacy of supporting it. We know a lot of players love it. We love it. But we really wanted to untether guardians. Even if you're in a fireteam, you can go wherever you want. That level of freedom was really important for us. We know some players really like split-screen. Ultimately, you can't build a game to suit every single player out there."

Though this year's Destiny will not have split-screen, Osborne made it clear that Bungie is always listening to feedback, suggesting that the option could be added to a future installment.

"The good news for us is with a new IP you get an opportunity to set a foundation in place," Osborne said. "You get to see what players do; see what the community loves about it. You get to be reactive. And the reality is we have no idea what people are going to do, what they're going to fall in love with in this world."

Destiny launches on September 9 across the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Bungie will launch an alpha for the game on Thursday, and you can sign up today at www.GreatnessAwaits.com/Destiny. An open beta begins July 17 first on the PS3 and PS4, before coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One sometime later.

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