E3 2014: Bungie's Destiny Aiming for 1080p/30fps on Xbox One

Target resolution and frame rate revealed during E3.

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Bungie is aiming to have the Xbox One version of the upcoming multiplayer-themed shooter Destiny run in 1080p/30fps, the developer told GamesTrailers writer Geoff Keighley this week at E3.

The increase in resolution is a result of the June Xbox One SDK for developers, which Microsoft says will boost the console's GPU power. The resolution and frame rate for the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny are unknown.

"I've been asking devs about impact of new Xbox One SDK on performance," Keighley said on Twitter. "Bungie says it will get Destiny to 1080p/30fps on Xbox One."

Earlier this week, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Bungie was going to increase the resolution of Destiny based on the June SDK, but he didn't say what the new resolution was going to be.

Currently, many multiplatform games--including heavy-hitters like Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts--run in a higher resolution on the PlayStation 4 than the Xbox One. But it now appears that Sony may not hold a resolution advantage forever.

For more on Destiny, check out our video interview above about the game from E3 with Bungie's Eric Osborne.

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