E3 2014: Batman: Arkham Knight includes PlayStation-exclusive Content

At Sony's press conference, Rocksteady and Warner Bros revealed new gameplay footage of Batman: Arkham Knight and detailed the game's PlayStation-exclusive content.

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The new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer from Sony's press conference began with The Bat making a steep vertical dive from the top of a tower, showcasing the impressive draw distance of the next-gen exclusive entry in the Arkham series. Gotham was rendered in great detail, and the space available to freely swoop through appeared far larger than previous games in the series.

After a stylish slam down to street level, Batman jumped into his Batmobile, which transformed into "battle mode" and engaged the unmanned tank forces of the antagonist, the Arkham Knight. In battle mode, the Batmobile could strafe sideways like a hovertank.

The gameplay ended with one of the series' infamous fake crashes, as the footage cut to a closeup of Scarecrow who waxed lyrical about his plans to destroy Gotham. Sony also announced that "Scarecrow nightmare missions" would be exclusive to PlayStation platforms, though no further details on what these missions entail were offered.

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