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E3 2014: $399 Xbox Ones "Flying Off The Shelves" at GameStop

GameStop executive Bob Puzon says the new $399 model is a "huge win and a huge opportunity."

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The $399 Xbox One went on sale yesterday at retailers worldwide, and GameStop is already seeing a boost in business as a result, according to senior vice president of merchandising Bob Puzon.

"They went on sale in GameStop yesterday; these things started to fly off the shelves," Puzon told GameSpot at E3 today in Los Angeles. "It's a huge win and a huge opportunity for us."

Though the $399 Xbox One may be the hot new item, Puzon pointed out that the $499 standard Xbox One is still "very vibrant" for GameStop.

The $399 Xbox One does not come with Kinect, but Microsoft will begin selling standalone cameras for the console later this year. Puzon said, "that'll be interesting to see how many of those folks come back and buy the Kinect."

Microsoft sold 3 million consoles in the two months following the system's release at the end of 2013. However, the company has not announced a new sales update so far in 2014, only saying the system has shipped, not sold, 5 million units to date.

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