E3 2011: Xbox 360 gets Wireless Speed Wheel

Microsoft announces new racing peripheral in time for Forza 4's October 11 release at $60 price point.


Forza Motorsport 4

No Caption Provided LOS ANGELES--Fans of Microsoft's Forza racing series learned a bit of good news this morning, when the game giant nailed down an October 11 release date for Forza 4. The game will support Kinect, but gamers looking for a different control style will be able to play with a new peripheral.
The Xbox 360 gets a wireless wheel controller this October.
The Xbox 360 gets a wireless wheel controller this October.

Microsoft today announced the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel. The $60 controller (pictured at right) will ship to retailers in September and will be available for purchase in early October. The controller is wireless and offers "precise steering, standard controller buttons/triggers, and haptic feedback with rumble."

The controller's trigger buttons offer players control of the gas and brakes, as well as other game-specific features. Additionally, the new peripheral also has ABXY and D pad buttons that used for different controls, depending on the game.

The new controller is compatible with all Xbox 360 racing games out of the box. However, Microsoft did offer a caveat, announcing that certain games will sport only "limited functionality" with the controller.

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