E3 2011: Walking Dead Preview Impressions

Those lousy zombies are at it again in this upcoming adventure game based on the popular comic book.


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No matter how far you run, you can't escape from the unrelenting pursuit of a hungry zombie. Walking Dead is a popular comic book series that has spawned a television program and now, thanks to Telltale Games, a video game as well. Although this adaptation is still quite early, we did find out a few details about the story and basic gameplay structure in a sit-down conversation with the developers today.

In the comic books, you follow Rick Grimes in his attempt to break out of Atlanta. However, the protagonist in the game is a new character. You play as Lee Everett, who's trying to make his way into the zombie-invested Deep South. His journey begins in the back of a prison transportation vehicle. Road travel during these dangerous times is tricky business, so it's no surprise when the truck crashes. Everett wakes up alone in the zombie apocalypse, the worst place you could imaginably be during such a hectic time.

Everett doesn't go through the game alone, though. He meets an abandoned child named Clementine, left to fend for herself with her parents gone missing. You can't just turn your back on a child in need, so you take her along on your journey. You also cross paths with characters from the comic book. Everett bumps into Glenn and Lily, giving a solid connection to the source material.

We didn't get to see any gameplay (or any footage at all, for that matter), but we were told vaguely how things would play out. Walking Dead takes its action cues from the upcoming adventure game Jurassic Park. In that, you perform quick-time events during intense scenes, and we were told that Walking Dead's action would evolve on that concept.

Walking Dead is much darker than what Telltale usually makes, though it certainly sounds intriguing from a conceptual standpoint. Keep reading GameSpot to find out more information on this upcoming adventure. Walking Dead is set to come out this winter.

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