E3 2011: Trials Evolution racing next year

RedLynx crafting sequel to 2009's platinum motorcycle racing game; due out next year on Xbox Live Arcade.


LOS ANGELES--The theory of evolution took Charles Darwin time to develop, and similarly, RedLynx is taking time with its next Trials motorcycle racing game, today announcing Trials Evolution for 2012.

The Trials series evolves next year in Evolution.
The Trials series evolves next year in Evolution.

RedLynx today announced the new game, a successor to 2009's well-reviewed Trials HD for the Xbox Live Arcade. A sequel to that game comes with little surprise, as HD has sold more than 1 million units to date.

Trials Evolution will ship next year on Xbox Live Arcade. Unfortunately, RedLynx did not offer much in the way of details concerning the new game. However, studio creative director Antti Ilvessuo said, "We listened carefully to all the feedback we received from the previous game and added it to our own vision of what the ultimate Trials game could be."

In other Xbox Live Arcade news, yesterday Microsoft announced the 2011 Summer of Arcade lineup. Beginning July 20, Microsoft will usher in a new wave of downloadable titles, including Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, From Dust, Fruit Ninja, and Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

For more on Trials Evolution, check out the game's debut teaser trailer, embedded below.

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YEEHAW! More Trials!

Avatar image for JStroud88

This is a must buy.

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@SonicX_89..dude..i used to be like you and din't even attempt the extreme tracks..but if you watch tip videos on youtube or tip video on ur xbox xmb, you'll learn that leaning and jumping at different times, and depend on where and when your front or back tires are when you're leaning and jumping, the game will become much easier..jus experiment and you'll pass the extreme levels easily..i was a noob that can't even past the DIABOLIC track but i was able to be top 100 on that track after watching tip videos and experimenting

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I got Trials HD when it was deal of the week and quite liked it! Shame I haven't played in a while, I really do need to get back into it! This is great news though!

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I have been gaming seriously since the Atari 2600 and I think Trials would have to be the game I have sunk the most hours in of all time. So excited for this. Worked my way up to 3,844 on the leaderboard so far ! Thank you Redlynx.

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A rare motorcycle racing game~

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I liked Trials! This is news of the good caliber to me.

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I really liked the first game but it can be frustrating sometimes. I never even attempted any of the Extreme levels.