E3 2011: THQ draws up Disney Animator

Publisher promises licensed "killer app" for uDraw peripheral to launch in March 2012, confirms 1.7 million tablets shipped to date.


LOS ANGELES--THQ launched its uDraw tablet peripheral for the Wii last holiday season and quickly proclaimed the project a success. Although the publisher has shipped 1.7 million uDraw peripherals to date and is bringing it to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, THQ claims it has yet to launch the tablet's "killer app."

THQ is bringing Disney back to the world of 2D animation.
THQ is bringing Disney back to the world of 2D animation.

THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell doled out the "killer app" designation in a THQ E3 investor meeting today, announcing Disney Animator for launch in March 2012. Though he didn't get heavily into details, Farrell did say it would be "the most unique drawing tool in games" and make use of the media titan's catalog of family-friendly cartoon characters.

Farrell said that THQ had six new uDraw titles in the pipe in addition to the system's Xbox 360 and PS3 debuts this holiday season. To date, THQ has released four titles supporting the tablet for the Wii: Pictionary, uDraw Studio, Spongebob Squigglepants, and Dood's Big Adventure. When the tablet arrives on Microsoft and Sony's systems, it will come bundled with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist.

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You know if Sony or MS had made the Wii U someone would have the nerve to say they copied this. Everyone is so much nicer to Nintendo. Its strange.

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I wonder what THQ thought when they saw the Wii U tablet controller. Oh ****?

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warming up before Wii U

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UDraw is smaller than than the Wii U controller.

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I guess this is one Wii accesory that will not be heavily used with the Wii U :P

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Didn't the wii u make this thing irrelevant and pointless?

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Feels like the Wii U will make this obsolete

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Forza 4 needs to support this tablet so us artists can also draw custom decals and paint schemes. The existing decal system is great and fun to use but shapes and a controller can never replace even the most basic graphing tablets. Turn 10 are you listening?;)