E3 2011: Star Fox 64 3D - Tilt Controls

Nintendo was ready to drop a few more details about Star Fox 64 3D during its E3 2011 press conference.


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Star Fox 64's own brand of humor isn't lost on Nintendo. During its E3 2011 press conference, the developer was ready to announce a few more details about the upcoming Star Fox 64 3D, a remake of the 1997 on-rails shooter. But before it did, it managed to slip in the iconic "Do a barrel roll!" quote from Star Fox veteran Peppy Hare, which elicited a collective chuckle from the audience.

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The first feature touched on was control. Naturally, you will be able to pilot your Arwing using the 3DS's standard controls. However, if you're feeling extra creative, you can tilt the 3DS itself to move your ship. We saw the simple motions of flying up, down, left, and right. But performing a more complex trick, such as a corkscrew turn, might be a bit tricky this way. The other feature mentioned was multiplayer. While this 3DS remake will have four-player online multiplayer support, you will also be able to see your friends' faces through the 3DS's player-side camera in a small box above their ship.

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We're definitely excited to get our hands on this game later on the show floor. Star Fox 64 3D will be released for the Nintendo 3DS this September.

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