E3 2011: Resistance 3 Updated Preview

E3 2011: We experience invincible Chimera, giant bugs, and brand-new weapons in our latest look at Sony's exclusive shooter.


The last time we saw Resistance 3, Capelli was beginning his road trip from Oklahoma to New York, having made the tough decision to leave his family behind to fulfil his civic duty and bring the Chimeran invasion to a halt. Today, as part of Sony's E3 press conference, we got our latest look at the game in action.

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The brief gameplay demo began showcasing the Remnants, a civilian group doing their bit to fight the horde by shooting down an enemy dropship. The vehicle is well and truly alight when we join the fight, and though we don't fire a shot to help with its demise, the ship comes crashing to Earth as a lone rocket sails over our head, crashing violently into its hull.

Chimeran soldiers bail out of the condemned vessel, taking refuge behind piles of abandoned yellow school buses out of our sight, but come back to the fight in swarms. Solo they don't put up much of a fight, but shrouded by the shield drone, a floating orb that bathes the enemy in light, they become impervious to gunfire and need to be separated from their guard mate before we can deal damage. Our standard rifle needs a little more stopping power, and we enlist the help of a secondary fire on a new weapon. The mode drops a swirling pylon of energy that sucks one foe in and spins it violently, dealing damage to all other converging targets within melee range.

The level skipped forward, but while the ship was downed, not all was rosy. The ambush took a turn for the worse, and though we were now in control of the power core we were looking to get our hands on, we were forced to run for our lives. While holding the core, we were unable to fire our weapon, putting us at the mercy of the rest of our squadmates running ahead to clear a path. They seemed to do a decent enough job keeping attackers at bay, but a new bug creature blocked our way, appearing to absorb bullets. The demo ended there, and we were left wondering what would become of Capelli and his pilgrimage to the east.

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Sony ended the presentation reiterating that the game will include both stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move support. It also announced that the game will be available either stand-alone or as a bundle, the latter of which will include a pair of Move controllers, a Sharp Shooter shell, a PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of the game. The bundle will sell for US$150 and will be available from September 6. Stay tuned for more Resistance 3 from E3 2011.

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