E3 2011: Rage 2 already planned, possibly "cross-generational"

John Carmack of id says that a follow-up to the upcoming postapocalyptic action game is due after Doom 4--and might appear on both current- and next-gen consoles.



LOS ANGELES--One of the centerpieces of Bethesda Softworks' booth at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo is Rage. The forthcoming sci-fi shooter will arrive on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on September 13 and is being developed by Doom creator id Software.

Rage 2 could appear on the PlayStation 4, as well as the PS3.
Rage 2 could appear on the PlayStation 4, as well as the PS3.

But even though Rage hasn't even hit store shelves, id's head of technology John Carmack is already talking sequels. Speaking today with GameSpot, the legendary engineer said that while still putting the finishing touches on the first game, his team is laying a foundation for the follow-up.

When asked if Rage 2 was being planned, Carmack answered with a flat "Yes," adding, "We haven't got a formal, official announcement, but we're certainly headed in that direction."

That said, don't expect Rage 2 anytime soon. Carmack said that as soon as Rage goes gold, id's core engineering team--led by Carmack--will transfer over to the Doom 4 team to shepherd it to market. Once that is completed, they will turn their attention to the next Rage game.

Given that Doom 4 doesn't have a release date, it may be some time until Rage 2 sees the light of day. But even though Carmack said that he expects the sequel to be based on the same engine as the first Rage, he hinted it might appear on next-generation consoles, as well as current platforms.

When asked if Rage 2 would appear on next-gen consoles, Carmack said, "I am working on next-generation engine technology and what we'll be doing with graphics when we start really rethinking it. It's likely that the project after Doom 4, the next major one, will be designed around being cross-generational."

For more on Rage, read GameSpot's brand-new preview straight from E3 2011.

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Avatar image for Crisium69

If its cross-Gen it just means it will look alot more lame for us that build and tweak computers to play games at there highest end . But I guss the gamers that know nothing about games other than you need to plug this in need to have something to keep them from mainking there moms nutts, still a shame however.

Avatar image for redturkei

rage is perfect ..probably multiplayer is rong only need get quake 3 multi...

Avatar image for MrBBQ56

Rage 2: coming 2016

Avatar image for FrostyGoat

I loved Rage. You got to be a fool not to appreciate that game.

Avatar image for gregrout

I didn't find that FPF (first-person-flashlight) business much fun. I hope they don't put any other stupidity in this next one, like having to tie your shoelace, or hike up your pants. I mean, sure making your player trip over it's shoelace, or clean it's stained underwear "...it sooooo ADDs to the realism dude! - fanboy", but it ain't no fun to play.

Avatar image for CocaColaNinja


Avatar image for ChevLss

Holy crap. I remember buying DOOM the day it came out when i was 19 and being blown away. Doom II, YES!! Doom64, even better!!! But venerable ol' iD has slipped and almost stumbled a bit over the last decade with Wolfenstein not being what it could have and Doom3's less than stellar sales. Oh and out right dropped said ball with Quake(oooh, I feel your hate!). I'm taking a wait an see approach to D4. If Rage is any good I might start getting my hopes up.

Avatar image for psych2416256

DOOM 4 or bust man. The first game i played was DOOM 2 when i was 3 and that has spelled the begining of my gaming life style so stop bsing with rage 2 and bring DOOM 4 with the BFG 9000 complimentary P.S. also a marshan buddies storage locker Spoiler: and another secret end credits, (to all who know what i'm talking about because of noclip FUK you)

Avatar image for spencerdean94

Who the hell cares about Rage, I WANT DOOM 4!!!!!!

Avatar image for aaronfhff123

@PixelAddict Right? Where is rare? Goldeneye, Banjo, and Perfect dark were epic.

Avatar image for BionicBrando

I'm liking how they try to keep one trademark game per console generation. It means that each game made will be a significant leap (Doom 2 to 3 to 4, Rage 1 to 2, etc.)

Avatar image for ezjohny

I like this article, when the new technology, LGA 20 11 socket, X79 express chip set comes out, i'm getting it so looking forward to the next generation in gaming! Can't wait to see doom 4, the cinematic effect in doom 4 is suppose to have more than Rage. I want to check that demo out! Good job Carmack, a fan here!

Avatar image for Wensea10

the side missions obviously will not be better than the story

Avatar image for Elite39

I hope they show Doom 4 this year, the last few years were very let down.

Avatar image for pszone

Rage 2 for ps4 and ps3 could be right but i want doom4 and when there at it bring doom 3 HD as long old ones for xbox360 and Ps3 i think fans will buy them as well as me :]

Avatar image for gokulgamer

It's been a really really long time since the Doom series showed up.My First FPS was Doom 3.I really hav been waiting for Doom 4.Doom4 rock the show when u launch

Avatar image for amaan4ever

Been waiting for doom 4 since 2004

Avatar image for Henninger

id is 1 of my favorite developers. I loved Doom 3 & i will b picking up Rage & Doom 4 when that finally drops.

Avatar image for brok

@TheVGamer *sigh* yes, of course I do. Being well known does not make an arrogant move any less arrogant though, any more than calling someone on it makes someone any more ignorant about who they are.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Little wonder why Carmack's managing his own rocket company if he's so willing to look so far ahead.

Avatar image for elancion

well they already have a solid engine so a sequel wouldn't take that long to put out.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

id! At a time when Rare is nowhere to be seen, id doesn't fail to impress. Can't wait for Rage, and Doom 4 is now totally on my radar. Hope that's out in 2012. Would be fantastic.

Avatar image for Phaselinear

So what happens, if by chance, the first one doesn't sell for sheeit?!

Avatar image for Zephol

doom 444444444444444444

Avatar image for Ladiesman17

Genius guy always think different, far beyond normal people like us :D that's why he could create cutting-edge technology.

Avatar image for teufelherz

Doom 4! Doom 4! DOOM 4!!! YESSSSSSS!!!

Avatar image for TheVGamer

@brok Wow you really have no idea who Carmack is do you?

Avatar image for Punish3d

NICE!!!! blowing up minds !!!

Avatar image for sagelund

I kinda want Rage 1 first... I really wonder if they should be taking this kind of gamble.

Avatar image for chyng85

Another shooting game for me~

Avatar image for John_Read

is ID gone Mad ? We need Doom 4 or Quake 5

Avatar image for shkar

is it time to talk about THE NEXT GENERATION yet ?

Avatar image for abdeslemg

give RAGE 1 then talk about the second in 10 years later...also no interview :(

Avatar image for SkidRow18

hell yeah! doom 4!!!

Avatar image for steelmouth

Sound about right, am expecting the next gen to kick off around 2013-2014 but if am to over think things i would say with Halo4 due 2012, Halo5 will be released in 2014 and will be a launch tittle for xbox3,Well thats ma prediction/hope/wish

Avatar image for tntgrunge5

Bethesda and Id........ one thing 4 shure: GOREEEE!!!!!!! |m|

Avatar image for brok

Talk about arrogant. Yeah, lets lay the groundwork for the sequel before the first is even out! If we're lucky we'll be too far along to learn any of the lessons from the first one, and if the first is a bomb, then we're totally screwed!

Avatar image for limbomaster

where is the interview (video) with Carmack?

Avatar image for HaloPimp978

I guess that means Rage 2 is a next gen game then. Probably won't see in the next five years.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

wii u may be one of those consoles rage 2 is on -- since ps3 or 360 aint being replaced for 2-3 yrs

Avatar image for inaka_rob

quake 5 for sure! quake 4 was at least a direction back to the what we quake should be a single player game first, and multiplayer 2nd. too bad they handed it off to an outside dev team. Raven i think. it was the guys who made the "new" wolfenstien and singularity (which was REALLY cool and better than quake 4)

Avatar image for inaka_rob

@Gamer_4_Fun yeah not to mention he builds rocket ships in his spare time. for those of you who dont know, he really does!!! He is part of a team that is a contender in the x-prize race. he has turned his made programming skills to rocket engines thrust and direction.

Avatar image for inaka_rob

@Boochie yeah you are right. dead space is 1 of my all time favorite games!! I totally forgot about that series in terms of raising not only the horror genre, but lighting and atmosphere (and sound design). I have total confidence in id that doom 4 will be industry changing game. quake 3 and 4 were good games. but HUGE disappointments coming from id. not worried about rage either. I am sure it will be amazing.

Avatar image for Poppa_pain

Doom 4 is the more interesting news

Avatar image for Zephol

i cant wair for doom 4!!

Avatar image for maf17

Not much interested in rage 1 or 2, but thrilled that Doom 4 is in the works.

Avatar image for Gamer_4_Fun

Carmack is just insanely talented... 99% of the stuff the guy tweets beyond by vocabulary.

Avatar image for TheVGamer

It's going to happen sometime in the future, and that's just the beginning...

Avatar image for TrapMuzik92

Really? Really? Reaally?

Avatar image for Mozillla

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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