E3 2011: Kinect: Disneyland Adventures First Look - Take Flight

Disney and Microsoft team up to bring us Kinect: Disneyland Adventures at this year's E3.


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With Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, Microsoft and Disney are taking you to the happiest place on earth--but without all the lines. The game's brief demonstration, shown during Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference, opened with a fly by of the park itself. Digital children flooded the streets of the famous theme park, all of which was rendered in a colorful, high-contrast visual style. The first section shown was hosted by two of the most gosh-darn adorable kids we've ever seen. They took flight in Peter Pan's Flight, an on-rails sequence where they ducked and dodged their way through a crumbling cave alongside the title character.

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A steady stream of gold coins guided them in the right direction, as well as Peter Pan's words of encouragement. After exiting the cave, the trio swooped down low over the water and swayed side to side to dodge incoming cannon balls. By the time they reached the ominous pirate ship, we knew what was coming: Captain Hook. However, the villain's screen time was short-lived as the demo shifted to an Alice in Wonderland segment that was a bit more involved. Instead of flying high in the sky, the kids were crammed into a pair of hamster balls, which they rolled through another on-rails segment by rapidly moving their hands up and down in front of them. The goal was to dodge numerous obstacles, including the Queen of Hearts' sizable head.

The demo ended with a dopey fist bump from the kids as they exited the stage. A trailer for the game soon followed, featuring hoards of digital children hugging digital Disney mascots, including Snow White, Donald Duck, and (of course) Mickey Mouse. We also caught a few glimpses of a mine-cart segment that will be included as well in this minigame collection. Kinect: Disneyland Adventures will be released later this year.

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