E3 2011: Bloodforge spilling onto XBLA in 2011

Microsoft bringing Climax's violent action game to Xbox 360's online game hub later this year; set in ancient Celtic world.


LOS ANGELES--During E3 2011 this week, Microsoft announced its Summer of Arcade 2011 lineup and Hole in the Wall for its online game hub Xbox Live Arcade. Today, the game giant pushed its online efforts further, announcing Bloodforge.

Bloodforge opens this year on XBLA.
Bloodforge opens this year on XBLA.

A "brutal action combat game," Bloodforge is due out at a to-be-announced date this year on Xbox Live Arcade. Set in an ancient Celtic world, the game casts players as Crom, a man who must fight "twisted servants and evil followers" to escape the fate the gods have declared for him.

The game is in development at United Kingdom-based Climax Studios (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii), and Microsoft is touting the title's narrative as being "deep." Bloodforge's first screenshot (at right), shows a highly stylized dark world, illuminated by the blood of one of Crom's enemies.

Microsoft did not announce a price for Bloodforge.

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