E3 2011: Anarchy Reigns Single-Player Demo Preview

We previously experienced what it was like to brawl online, and now we'll examine how single-player uses these mechanics.


Anarchy Reigns

While the multiplayer sections of Anarchy Reigns were out on the show floor and open to the public, we went behind closed doors and spoke with Platinum Games about the dual single-player campaigns. As a spiritual successor to MadWorld, the story here is told from the perspectives of the previous game's hero and villain, Jack and Leo, respectively. Each sees different events from the same tale, and you will need to experience both to discover the true story. We first jumped into the role of Jack and headed to the red lantern district.

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The neighborhood was filled with robot ninja cronies that tried to block our advance. Jack was much faster than Big Bull from our previous coverage and still seemed to pack a heavy punch. His moves consisted of many of his staple MadWorld attacks, especially those using his arm-mounted machine gun. After pummeling the goons, the Baron and Matilda joined along as AI companions. Their presence was welcome, because the cyber ninja's leader, Zero, was on the scene to bring a special delivery.

The boss used all of the same moves that were at his disposal in multiplayer, though it seemed that as an enemy, he didn't need to manage weapon durability or build up rage. The ninja leader could also jump up to the roofs and summon additional allied support. Still, with one boss and only cannon fodder helpers against three full characters, the ninja fell back into the shadows with ease.

As Jack's scenario concluded, a save was selected, and the demo switched to Leo's path. The battle started on the outskirts of a factory or plant. Leo was ambushed on all sides by stick-wielding guards that advanced and attempted to overwhelm the antihero. Barrels scattered around the stage could be nabbed and chucked around, and they would explode into ice storms on impact. Along with his swift movement and extremely damaging energy blades, the brutes were no match for a true villain. A cinematic played, and blackbird feathers began to rain from the sky.

Leo soon encountered Jack on the scene as well. The latter questioned Leo about the death of someone known as Maximilian; questioning why Jack had an interest in someone without a hit on their name, Leo initiated a duel. Neither combatant relied on allies or thugs to win the match--it was a straight-on brawl against main characters. Leo's speed and ferocity proved to be extremely superior against his chainsaw-wielding nemesis. With his prowess intact, Leo made his exit, and the demo concluded.

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The single-player aspect of Anarchy Reigns retains all of the elements found in multiplayer. Additionally, it adds in a strong storyline that gives some perspective about the heroes' motives. We'll find out more about the narrative when Anarchy Reigns is released in January 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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