E3 2011: Activision supporting Wii U

Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg confirms console support, saying "you bet against Nintendo at your peril."


LOS ANGELES--When Nintendo unveiled the long list of third-party publishers backing the Wii U this morning, one name was conspicuously absent. The world's biggest independent publisher, Activision, was nowhere to be seen during a montage of third-party games for the console or afterward during the media briefing.

Activision is on board the Wii U bandwagon.
Activision is on board the Wii U bandwagon.

However, that's not to say that Activision is ignoring the first console of the next generation.

"We will be supporting the Wii U," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told GameSpot earlier today. "You bet against Nintendo at your peril."

The executive declined to say how many Wii U projects are currently in development at Activision or when the company plans to unveil them. However, other third-party publishers were not so recalcitrant. Tecmo Koei, Namco Bandai, Warner Bros., and Ubisoft have now all pledged their support with entries in the Ninja Gaiden, Tekken, Batman, and Assassin's Creed series. THQ went one step further, saying Darksiders II will be a launch title for the console next year.

John Riccitiello, CEO of Activision archrival Electronic Arts, also made an appearance at Nintendo's media event to pledge his support for the Wii U. Though he did not confirm any titles in development, he did dare the audience to "imagine" a game like Call of Duty competitor Battlefield 3 on the console, as well as EA Sports titles.

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For more info on Nintendo's latest console, the Wii U, be sure to check out our Nintendo Wii U: Everything You Need to Know feature or watch Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference to see the full reveal.

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No thanks, keep your cancer away from nintendo please

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@ a140lbstud Dude you really are dumb, I mean Nintendo was there before anything else, so It's like over 25 years old, so how on earth are Nintendo gamers children. I know people who are in their 30s that are Nintendo fans and they still enjoy gaming so how are they not real gamers. And for your information, if killing and shooting people is considered real gaming and the fact that you enjoy watching limbs flying everywhere and people being killed is just sick. Simply means your a psycho not a real gamer. I've played FPS games and I finished them in a week since they're all the EXACT same, what's hard or complex about aiming on the screen and killing people. Nintendo had some pretty though games which I am sure people like you, who do not wanna think and just wanna shoot people, can't finish. Legend of Zelda, Metroid and New Mario Bros. Wii are all games which are incredibly hard and take months to complete. A real gamer enjoys playing all genres of games, from platformers, racing, sport, puzzle, action, adventure, MMOs, shooters and so on. Just sticking with one type of games DOES NOT make you a real gamer

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@Trenchman That's how all console launch's work, by that logic, the PS3 and 360 weren't next gen consoles for a few years, because a lot of their early library(and their library lately lol) was shared with the likes of the PS2. And they had even less modification given they had the basic dual analog interface. You'll see exclusive games on the Wii U, particularly from Nintendo.

Avatar image for Trenchman

@Moloch121 @Sepewrath my reason for not considering it the next generation is that many of the games on it will be ports from or ported to the 360 and PS3. I find it hard to consider a console a different generation than others when they are out well within each others lifespan and share many of the same games without much, if any, modification.

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@ a140lbstud you have not really tried alot of wii games then, you ever playes zack and wiki, it might be cartoony but it was a flipping hard game to complete without asking for help. plus getting every star in mario galaxy 1 and 2 with mario and luigi takes some doing but let me guess you havent done that either. the most hardcore of gamers wouldnt turn round and say the wii is just a casual console, they would see it as a games machine that plays different types of games of varying difficulty. by you logic my niece and nephew are not gamers as they use the wii all the time? is that correct? cos the last time i checked is if your playing games on a console your a gamer no matter what one you using. time to get ya finger out of bill gates or sonys butt and realise there is more to gaming than being a silly childish fanboy!

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@ mrzero1982pt2 The Wii has 0 complex games Being good at the Wii has nothing to do with gaming skills. Playing games on a Wii does not make you a gamer. But owning one dosn't stop you from being one. One of my friends bought a Wii and I have to say every game I tried on it was very overly simple and had virtually no learning curve. If you don't think that the Wii was not meant for casual players it shows how out of the loop you are. Every game I have seen demoed so far on this Wii U looks just as childish and simple as the Wii games.

Avatar image for macabre190788

You know, aside from the last two Call of Duty games, yeah, yeah, I haven't bought an Activision game since 2008. But I am glad they're supporting the Wii U, perhaps we'll see Prototype 2 on it or something.

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

@a140lbstud i am a gamer, and i own an xbox, and had every nintendo and playstation console up to the gamecube and ps3. for you to say that anyone owning a wii isnt a gamer and the wii isnt a console shows how out of the loop you are. i am not a fan of the wii anymore, but geez man. that is just wrong. grow up.

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@tastycasey27 I couldn't have said it better myself.

Avatar image for pinicolaroxa

@HeCtic_GaMer Your not alone bro

Avatar image for JoSilver


Avatar image for ninjamiles1212

in a way its basically a big remote with a screen or a ds, the TV is the top screen and the Wii u (or big remote) is the bottom

Avatar image for Gamingclone

Really, the Wii U's tablet like controller is perfect for COD and other FPS. No longer will you be distracted by the hud or maps or anything! except for your father walking infront of the TV. Its perfect, and since the tablet like controller has physical buttons and daul circle pads, its just like any other controller with dual anolog sticks. Also, the screen is touch sensitive so that could be easily implimented to maket the game more fun and convient. Also, the Wii U is compatible with all Wii accessories. So if the Wii U's game tech demos (other wise known as Prototypes, 8 in total) are any indicator, those of you who like how first person shooters work on the Wii can still play the way you want! All I see is lots of potiental with Wii U and its controller.

Avatar image for HeCtic_GaMer

I own all three consoles and now i must add this one to my collection!!!

Avatar image for tastycasey27

@ a140lbstud your an actual gamer?? so you just play games like bf3 or fallout. im not sure how that makes you an actual gamer and someone like myself who owns every console since the atari and nes days, by what your saying owning a wii makes you not a gamer. Thats just stupid, my niece loves the wii and its all she plays i say shes a gamer just cos shes not chainsawing peoples heads off doesnt mean she isnt a gamer. i for one think this whole hardcore gamer stuff should stop, every console is a toy to play GAMES on yes thats it GAMES, they are all toys. get over yourself!!

Avatar image for a140lbstud

I am an actual gamer so I have not and will not ever own a wii. Until they have games like bf3 skyrim or fallout 3. I will never consider this fad real gaming. How can anyone be excited about this? Didn't anyone see him catching suction cup darts in the promo booth?

Avatar image for Jinjuri

Burn in hell, Kotick. Burn in hell.

Avatar image for gashoe13

Wow... it's like all my dream games shoved on to a single console. I've always wanted to play Ninja Gaiden. And i've always wanted to play Batman Arkham City. And I'd love a new Assassin's Creed. and i've never played darksiders, though i heard about it and got interested. All we need now is Vanquish 2... heh....

Avatar image for GamerEye

I'm cetain there will be COD on the Wii U, but now wheather or not it will utilize the Wii U's remote...well we will have to wait and see.

Avatar image for racerx719

Haters gunna hate...thats all I got to say.. Nintendo could of called it dog poo for all I care..the console is still pretty sick...and if the graphics are nearly as good as they were in the tech demo with the japanese garden? I am sold... for those of you whining about no COD on wii blah blah... nut up and play it on PC like a real man

Avatar image for King-gamer

Talk is nothing. I'll believe all these third party publishers words when I see the game.

Avatar image for gameking5000

Possible for Call of Duty and Battlefield games to released alongside the PS3, Xbox 360 on the Wii U?

Avatar image for Shadow_Fax

CrookedPoet wrote: "the 3ds was a fail because people could not use the 3d feature because it gave them sickness some people threw up and some even passed out" Was? You mean, it has already been a failure already? Weird, I didn't know the 3DS was a decade old... By the way, some kids in Japan also got sick from a particular Pokemon episode some years back. Pokemon didn't end up being a failure though..

Avatar image for shani_boy101

Activision? Don't care. I guarantee I won't be buying a single game from them, the only craptivision game I ever bought was Guitar Hero 3 on PS2.

Avatar image for CrookedPoet

the 3ds was a fail because people could not use the 3d feature because it gave them sickness some people threw up and some even passed out, but this looks promising the wii was great and this should be 2x better.I am looking forward to seeing this.

Avatar image for airfoemoe

Wii U is easy cash, so this isn't really news.

Avatar image for Moloch121

Die Activision.

Avatar image for Moloch121

@Trenchman I think it's funny you make no sense. 360 came out well before the PS3 and Wii ever did same with the Dreamcast.

Avatar image for bruceleroy1234

Call of Duty would be best played on the Wii U if done properly. Most COD players hit start so they can see the entire map frequently to check where everybody is at. But the map blocks your view when it's displayed so it's very distracting. If they implement the map, inventory, or other features on the WiiPad screen, then you can see both the map & the field simultaneously which could be revolutionary.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

@Trenchman The next generation starts when a new console comes out, it doesn't matter when the other consoles come out. For example the Dreamcast started the 6th generation of consoles and it came out 2yrs before the PS2 and 3yrs before the GC and XBox. Also its unlikely that Sony and MS wont have a new console coming out within the next 3yrs.

Avatar image for MrDouglas

Ofc I already have a 360 and a PS3 at home, not to mention a PC and will be able to play all of those games upon release, so them coming to Wii U is not enough to make me go out and buy one. Needs to be some unique exclusives and special games on the WII U if I'm going to splash out on yet another new console.

Avatar image for Trenchman

I think it's funny that the U is considered the next generation when the PS3 and 360 have almost half of their 10 years lifespan left.

Avatar image for HaloPimp978

I won't be supporting them whenever I get Wii U since Activision is the devil of the industry.

Avatar image for y2kern

its good that a nintendo console is finally getting hardcore games again. although i still think that control is gonna be expensive. it looks cool though, the graphics in the wii u will be better than ps3 and 360 marginally. ill still reserve my judgement , there are many games to be remade in hd, metroid prime, eternal darkness, mario, smasbrothers, zelda etc. things could get interesting for a while.

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

@wwefan4ever I guess there is a reason for you being a WWE fan... Graphics were at least on par with ps3 but we will have to wait and see if it was just good art or hardware doing the work.

Avatar image for wwefan4ever

Better graphics than PS3? People need to take their meds. I saw better graphics on Sony's new handheld.

Avatar image for Gamingclone

To be expected. If they werent supporting it... granted we Nintendo fans wouldnt get shooter after shooter after shooter... but they would be losing money not to give games to Wii U gamers.

Avatar image for Vexx88

@Superzone Well I guess you got a 5% chance of being happy if Activision makes games for it then :P.

Avatar image for Superzone

As long as it's got nothing to do with guitar peripherals or generic shooting action, fine, I welcome Activision in making games for the Wii U.

Avatar image for Destrond

Great, another hole for Activision to drive good games into the ground

Avatar image for TheVGamer

So... Spider-Man:Brown in tights and Call of Duty Black Cops 2 on WiiU?

Avatar image for montblanc512

I honestly think a CoD on Wii U would be better than on 360. Even if the graphics aren't as good (not that I think they wont be, remember, we're only seeing demos, the real high graphic stuff never comes out until well after release). Why? because that touch screen. HUD entirely on the touch screen means much less screen clutter, and much better immersion. If most hardcore games use the touch screen as the menus and whatnot, then I think they'd be great. Anyone else hope Nintendo makes a few damn RPG or turn based strategy series for it though? I like fun games, but when I'm playing alone I prefer lengthy and expansive games, and even though there were plenty of GC rpgs, there were like two Wii RPG's, and one was terrible. And only two strategy games, both okay, but one was a direct port of a few year old ps2 title (Phontom Brave).

Avatar image for daabulls23

COD on Wii U. You can bet your mortgage on it.

Avatar image for LorDofGod

I dont know, I will way for more

Avatar image for Flint247

Oh no. o.o

Avatar image for ahpuck

They should have called it Super Nintendo 2, Wii U sounds very childish. So far, I'm not taken by it, but I'm not dismissing it either.

Avatar image for al_win

@Truelori that was because the wii didn't have the horsepower compared to xbox 360 and playstation 3. with more power in the hood we can expect some great games to come to the wii u. ;)

Avatar image for Wormkid_64

"You bet against Nintendo at your own peril." Man that sounds cool.I might get "At Your Own Peril" printed on a T-Shirt. Seriously though,I think 30 years of innovation has proven it(D-pad,shoulder buttons,the invention of the "Metroid-style Action/adventure/platformer",trigger,analog stick,3D gameworlds,touch screens,motion,IR pointer,glasses-less 3D.)Even 3rd devs see it now.At long,long last.Wrap up the 3rd party support,the online capabilities, and graphics as it seems you have,and you've crafted a winner Nintendo.

Avatar image for TrueIori

Oh please it was like this when the Wii came out , everyone was jumping on board then later on they drop like flies. Pfft

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