E3 2009 Pre-Show Wrap-Up

GameSpot's E3 2009 coverage started off strong with tons of announcements at the Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft press conferences.


Day zero of E3 2009 was chock-full of press conferences as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft showed of their lineups. Check out these highlights for the biggest news stories, previews, and movies of June 1 at E3, or see all the day's updates here. And if you missed seeing any of the press conferences live, be sure to catch up with our video archives!

Press Conferences

* Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conference
* Electronic Arts E3 2009 Press Conference
* Ubisoft E3 2009 Press Conference

The HotSpot

The HotSpot Pre-Show Wrap-Up

E3 Live Photo Stream

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* MGS Rising PS3, PC-bound, new PSP MGS revealed?
* Assassin's Creed 2 dated, Mizuguchi project revealed at Ubisoft E3 event
* Full game downloads, Avatar Marketplace coming to Xbox Live
* Crackdown 2 powers to 360
* APB, EA MMA top EA's E3 event, EA Sports Active sells 600,000
* Motion-sensing camera, MGS 360 debut at Microsoft E3 event
* Metal Gear Solid Rising on 360
* Halo Reach arrives 2010
* Forza 3 cruising in October
* Final Fantasy XIII arriving spring 2010
* Left 4 Dead 2 due November 17
* The Beatles: Rock Band first songs revealed; full downloadable albums available postlaunch


* No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Q&A - Suda51 Talks Travis Touchdown
* Homefront Exclusive Impressions - E3 First Look
* Splinter Cell: Conviction Updated Impressions
* Mass Effect 2 - EA Press Conference Impressions
* APB EA Press Conference Impressions
* The Beatles: Rock Band Microsoft Press Conference Impressions
* Star Wars: The Old Republic Exclusive Q&A - The Smuggler Profession and E3 2009
* Metal Gear Solid: Rising Trailer Impressions
* Alan Wake Microsoft Press Conference Impressions
* Halo 3: ODST Press Conference Demo Impressions
* Forza Motorsport 3 Microsoft Press Conference Impressions
* Shadow Complex Microsoft Press Conference Impressions
* Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Microsoft Press Conference Impressions
* Final Fantasy XIII Press Conference Impressions
* The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition First Look
* Dirt 2 Hands-On Impressions


* Assassin's Creed 2 Cinematic Trailer
* Left 4 Dead 2 Teaser Trailer
* Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - Pushed to the Limits Trailer
* Dragon Age: Origins - Stage Demo Official Trailer
* APB - Taking Out the Bigger Guy Official Trailer
* Star Wars: The Old Republic - Deceived Cinematic Trailer
* Fight Night Round 4 Live Demo
* Brutal Legend Trailer: Cast
* Final Fantasy XIII Game Demo
* Halo 3: ODST Game Demo
* Alan Wake - E3 Stage Demo Gameplay Movie
* Forza Motorsport 3 Stage Demo
* Homefront Teaser Trailer
* Crysis 2 Teaser Trailer
* Modern Warfare 2 Press Conference Demo
* The Beatles: Rock Band Press Conference Trailer
* Halo Reach Multiplayer Beta Teaser Trailer

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