E3 2008: Uno Rush Quick Impressions

Microsoft teases us with a brief glimpse of a follow-up to the popular card game.


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At E3 '08, Microsoft introduced a sequel to one of their most popular Xbox Live Arcade titles: Uno. The new title is called Uno Rush, and Microsoft's John Schappert made a brief reference to it while speaking of the company's upcoming addition to Xbox Live: Live Party.

Live Party will allow up to eight Xbox Live users to connect to each other as a group, chat as a group, and game as a group. For example, a party leader may initiate photo sharing, allowing all eight party members to view photos simultaneously. More interestingly, the party can then stay together for gaming purposes. In this instance, we saw how the party leader can initiate a game of Uno Rush, which in turn would seamlessly usher the party into the game without forcing the players to navigate multiple screens or interface elements.

Other than its integration into Live Party, we know very little about Uno Rush. However, it appears as though Microsoft's upcoming player avatars will be used to represent the players onscreen. Based on the gameplay shown, we can also guess that the game will continue to support only four players, so we're not sure why it was used to demonstrate the Live Party feature using an eight-player party. In any case, we look forward to learning more, and will bring you the latest news as it develops.

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