E3 2008: Secret Files: Tunguska Hands-On

We get our hands on this classic point-and-click adventure game that is shrouded in mystery.


There are many mysteries in the world. How long do Twinkies keep? What's the deal with Britney Spears? And just what the heck caused the massive explosion in Russia in 1908 that toppled an estimated 80 million trees over 830 square miles of terrain?

That event, according to the infallible Wikipedia, eventually became known as Tunguska. While many scientists believe the explosion was caused by a meteor impact, the event remains shrouded in mystery, even though there are not many things in the known universe that are 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, as this explosion reportedly was. Thanks again, Wikipedia.

Secret Files: Tunguska is a classic point-and-click adventure game that attempts to delve into the mystery that is Tunguska. Years after the explosion, Dr. Vladimir Kalenkow went on an expedition to the Tunguska region in Siberia to investigate the event, but he suddenly disappeared. This doesn't bode well for Nina, the protagonist in Secret Files, who already has daddy issues. Along with her father's colleague Max Gruber, you'll explore the world in search of the good doctor.

We had only a few minutes with Secret Files at the Deep Silver booth at E3 2008 in Los Angeles--just enough time to search a single room for clues. In the DS version, you'll use the stylus to pixel-hunt for information and items, in the vein of Myst, although you'll always see a 3D model of Nina onscreen. If you hate pixel hunting, you can tap a magnifying glass in the corner that will display all the spots on the screen that can be interacted with, such as drawers, file cabinets, and books.

Later on in the game, you'll be able to control both Max and Nina, although it's not clear if there's any difference at all in gameplay in a point-and-click adventure game.

So asteroid or comet or something more sinister? Solve the mystery of Secret Files: Tunguska this October on the DS and Wii.

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