E3 2008: Samba de Amigo Updated Hands-On

We got to shake it at Sega's booth to Ricky Martin and Lou Bega tunes.

Samba de Amigo is just about ready to hit stores, but Sega is proudly showing off its achievement on the E3 showroom floor. We got a chance to shake those Wii Remotes like a real pair of maracas, only they didn't make the same noises as real maracas until we shook them as fast as possible. Nevertheless, the game is surprisingly fun with catchy songs, and Sega recently announced that there will be downloadable content ready at launch.

The new songs that we came across included "I want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow, "Are You Going to Be My Girl?" by Jet, and "Mambo Mambo" by Lou Bega. Sega has stated that it will release new songs on a regular basis, which will add to the 40 songs already included with the game.

We got a chance to check out Hustle mode, which is like the original mode where you need to shake the Wii Remote in the direction of the dots except that it will also give you opportunities to pose and wave your arms according to the diagram that pops up. Sometimes it'll be your left arm, sometimes both, but it changes up the gameplay so that you're not always watching moving dots--the way you would watch the arrows in Dance Dance Revolution. The game is incredibly easy to pick up, and we even gave it a whirl on Super Hard mode which, depending on the song, can be quite challenging because of the constant shaking. After a long song, you might even feel a bit of a workout in your arms.

The colorful visuals seem to be a blend of all the primary colors, but it is quite fitting for this type of game. It's bright, fun, and cheerful--a curious mix from developer Gearbox Games. While it may be a rather goofy game to play on your own, Samba de Amigo also has multiplayer for you and a friend. You can choose to use two Wii Remotes as your maracas or use the Nunchuk instead.

Get ready to rattle those remotes as Samba de Amigo hits store shelves September 23.

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