E3 2008: Resistance 2 Sony press-conference impressions

A gigantic Chimeran goliath runs amok in this look at Resistance 2.


Resistance 2

Resistance 2 was the first game to be featured at this morning's Sony E3 press conference, and seemingly for good reason. The gameplay demo shown by Insomniac CEO Ted Price looked action-packed and bodes well for the release of this PlayStation 3 exclusive later in 2008.

The demo began on the rooftop of a high-rise building in a ruined Chicago, with protagonist Nathan Hale joining a small group of human soldiers. Before long, the building started to shudder, at which point a gigantic 300-foot-tall Chimeran goliath marched into view. The goliath dwarfed the surrounding buildings, and Hale quickly pulled out a rocket launcher to attack the foe. This didn't do much to dissuade the goliath, though, given that it brusquely reached over and grabbed Hale in one hand. Hale managed to fire a rocket directly into the creature's open mouth, which caused the mega-Chimera to throw Hale into another ruined building.

What followed was an exciting chase sequence as Hale ran up and down buildings to avoid the now even-angrier goliath. At one stage, Hale clambered across two buildings on a thin scaffolding, just managing to make it to the other side just before the goliath crushed the scaffold. Hale was grabbed again, and once again managed to fire a rocket into the maw of the beast. This time, the goliath threw him clear across several blocks, and he crashed through several windows before stopping with a thud.

Once the demo was over, Price reiterated the story of Resistance 2, which takes place in the 1950s United States after the Chimera have attacked and practically crushed all resistance. He said that large-scale battles like the one with the goliath would be commonplace within the single-player side of the game, and he once again touted the massive 60-player online multiplayer side of the game.

To close the Resistance 2 section of the Sony conference, Price then unveiled a new trailer. This trailer showed off many different shots of ruined American cities, including some footage of a new locale, Twin Falls in Idaho. Fast cuts unveiled some of the enemies that you'll be facing in the game, including the giant goliath and some fast-moving zombie-like enemies. Finally, the trailer ended with a slow pan over the skyline of a ruined American city, with several massive Chimeran battleships hovering ominously in the air.

Resistance 2 is due out in November 2008 for the PS3.

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