E3 2008: Moscow Racer Impressions - First Look

We take a look at an E3 video trailer showing off early gameplay in Akella's upcoming Russian street racing game.


Moscow Racer

E3 2008 is winding down, but the competition in the streets of Russia will be heating up with the descriptively titled Moscow Racer, a new driving game for the PC from Akella. The game is currently very early in development and has about six different tracks built for it in the city of Moscow. Each track is modeled after the real-world geography of the city, and, according to Akella's staff, the tracks should provide a highly realistic representation of the metropolis's streets--except with far less traffic than you'd normally encounter in the bustling city. The development team has apparently been in close contact with local outfit Moscow Racing Club to make sure the action is authentic.

The trailer we watched showed fast, simulation-style racing that lets you view the game from the usual dual views of either a third-person, behind-the-chassis view or a first-person, behind-the-wheel view. We're told that the game will tend toward more-realistic racing and will have a single-player career mode, though there are currently no details on how it will work, beyond the fact that the game will support car customization. The demonstration version we saw had several well-known American and European sports and muscle cars racing each other, though exactly which licensed cars will make it into the game isn't clear.

Moscow Racer is still very early on, but its intriguing locale should offer an interesting change of pace for PC game players, who don't have a lot of racing games to choose from these days, anyway. The game is scheduled to ship early next year.

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