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E3 2008: Guitar Hero getting Hendrix experience

Neversoft's World Tour gets experienced with 'Purple Haze' and 'Wind Cries Mary' on the disc; more to come as downloadable content.


The shortlist of conspicuously underrepresented music acts in rhythm games is becoming shorter all the time. Led Zeppelin is still out there, but Rock Band this week laid claim to AC/DC, while The Eagles and Van Halen were snatched up by Guitar Hero. Chalk up another legend getting his due, as Activision today announced that it has secured a deal for multiple Jimi Hendrix master tracks for Guitar Hero: World Tour.

World Tour players can now have a Hendrix experience at home.
World Tour players can now have a Hendrix experience at home.

Neversoft's Brian Bright confirmed during an appearance on GameSpot's live E3 stage show that two Hendrix songs would be included on the initial set list, with more to be made available as downloadable content after launch. The two songs that will come on the disc are "Wind Cries Mary" and a live version of "Purple Haze."

This is not the notorious lefty virtuoso's first rhythm game appearance. A Hendrix composition--"Spanish Castle Magic"--appeared in the original Guitar Hero, albeit as a cover version with no vocals.

In other Guitar Hero news, Bright confirmed that World Tour will be compatible with all existing Rock Band and Guitar Hero instruments.

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