E3 2008: Eternal Sonata reprised on PS3

Namco Bandai's Chopin-inspired RPG set for US release on Sony's console with new characters, quests, and more.


Some tunes are worth repeating. Namco Bandai is hoping its musical role-playing game Eternal Sonata is one such melody, as the publisher today revealed that the Xbox 360 effort will soon find a new home on the PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game will feature a variety of enhancements over the Xbox 360 edition. Those include two new playable characters, as well as new quests, outfits, and music.

In a substantial departure from RPG convention, the entire Eternal Sonata storyline takes place in the deathbed dreams of composer Frederic Chopin. Interspersed with historical vignettes about the times and politics of Chopin's world, the game tells a fantasy tale about a group of ragtag adventurers rebelling against the sinister plans of Count Waltz.

As for the heart of the gameplay, Eternal Sonata is built around a hybrid battle system combining real-time and turn-based combat elements that take into account characters' distance from their opponents and position in light or shadows.

For more on Eternal Sonata, check out GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 edition of the game.

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