E3 2008: de Blob Multiplayer Hands-On

It's blob against blob in our multiplayer look at THQ's upcoming colorful platformer.


de Blob

We've covered the Blue Tongue-developed de Blob in some detail before, and while we've played quite a bit of the single-player campaign, we've only managed to have a few tries at multiplayer. That's why we focused on that side when we saw publisher THQ this morning at E3 2008, and we're happy to report that the game is looking good ahead of its September 2008 release date.

First up, a recap: de Blob is a platformer where the central character is de Blob, a cheerful jellylike lump that can take on different colors. He's out to stop the evil Inkt Corporation, which has taken over Chroma City, sucking all the color and joy out of the buildings and inhabitants. de Blob's main task is to suck up capsules of ink lying about and inject color on every surface it touches. The single-player campaign will stretch over 10 levels, with each level also featuring special unlockable challenges.

Multiplayer will be available for up to four players, with four different modes available. The first is a simple contest to see who can color the most buildings in a set time. This mode gets quite hectic, with only a limited number of ink pods strewn about the location and the ability to stomp attack your competitors (although you can block attacks by holding down the B button on the Wii Remote). Another mode is a variant of this, but instead of having one set location, buildings will pop up occasionally, forcing you to race against your opponents to be the first to splash your color. One of the other modes unveiled to us today is a blob hunt-style game where one player is designated as the target, with the other three having to destroy that particular blob to win.

Keep it locked to GameSpot for even more details on de Blob in the next few months.

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