E3 2008: Dance Dance Revolution X Hands-On

Ten years of dancing culminates with DDRX, and we check out what's new with the venerable rhythm series.


Dance Dance Revolution X

When it first appeared in arcades, Dance Dance Revolution captivated a wide range of players with its infectious beats and exciting rhythmic gameplay. After a decade of growth and appearances on many platforms, DDR is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Dance Dance Revolution X on the PlayStation 2. A few new features and some classic songs from the series' history make DDRX a game to watch for dance fans everywhere.

The classic gameplay style remains unchanged, and players will yet again be challenged to step on the appropriate arrows in time with the song. Unlike previous DDR titles, however, DDRX will grade dancers on a scale of 1-13 as opposed to 1-10. This slightly broader scale means that DDRX scores won't precisely match up with those from other games, but it won't materially affect gameplay. There are five difficulty levels that range from basic to expert, including challenge, which is a mode that features a few wacky step icons like the shock step, which must be avoided rather than hit.

The song list is robust and features significantly more tracks than most DDR games. Longtime fans of the series will be pleased to note that a number of DDR classics, notably "Butterfly" and "DUB-I-DUB," will be included in DDRX. Whether you've been a fan for years or haven't yet set foot on the dance pad, DDRX looks to be another solid game in this venerable series. Look for it on the PlayStation 2 this fall, and keep an eye here for more information and more tracks as the release date approaches.

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