E3 2008: Apogee returns

Long-dormant 3D Realms publisher relaunches label with promise of rereleasing its legacy catalogue; Duke Nukem Trilogy slated for "handheld market."


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In December, 3D Realms shocked the industry by showing, for the first time since 2001, brand-new footage for the long-regarded-vaporware Duke Nukem Forever. While scarcely more than a minute of footage, the teaser indicated that 3D Realms was on the verge of releasing Duke Nukem Forever in 2008. Comments by 3D Realms' George Broussard notwithstanding, a report from the Dallas Business Journal indicates the developer is targeting an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release, in addition to the PC.

With the Duke's revival assured--dare it be said--it now appears that one more remnant from the past will reemerge. Today, Apogee Software--abandoned by 3D Realms as a publishing label since 1996--announced that it would be relaunching its publishing efforts for smaller-scale development by bringing back a number of games from its legacy catalogue, as well as all-new properties.

Apogee's first project will be a three-episode Duke Nukem Trilogy that it plans to bring to the "handheld market." The trilogy's individual installments will be titled Critical Mass, Chain Reaction, and Proving Grounds. However, Apogee did not elaborate on which specific platforms the games would arrive, when they are expected to hit the market, or if the three titles were part of a single product or part of a trio of releases. Apogee had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

"This marks a new beginning for a famous publisher with a history of market-making innovation," said Apogee chief operating officer and cofounder Terry Nagy. "I can't think of a better character than Duke or a better franchise than the Trilogy to usher in a new era for Apogee."

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and please, let them be on carts and NOT DSi Ware so I can play them for many years to come without having to tether em to just one DS, that would be hella lame!!!!

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I would LOVE to see "Commander Keen" for the DS, they released one for the GBC and I loved it too. What kind of Duke are we talking about? 3D first person shooter style like Duke Nukem 3D or Duke Nukem Advance for the GBA, or sidescrolling Duke 1 & 2, and a throwback sidescroller for the GBC? I loved those side scrolling Dukes just as much as the 3D first person shooters. any of these games would make me spend my money on them. bring em apogee!!!!!!!

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i wonder how long we have to wait for more news about this?

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"I personally think the Duke is better suited, in terms of style, for the PSP. Scanty chicks and big guns don't sound like a DS any more than GTA does." I disagree. I think this is just what the best-selling hand-held needs to pick itself up and break away from the long-time kiddy image. And in terms of GAMEPLAY, the DS is superior with the use of the stylus and touch screen. The PSP is the WORST for FPS's. Using the action buttons to look up, down, left, and right is terrible. I didn't like it in the PSX/N64 days, nor do I now. Though, before you dismiss me as a DS fanboy, I do own a PSP and find that it is far superior to the DS when it comes to racing games in terms of gameplay. I think it's a travesty that GRiD came out for every system EXCEPT for the PSP. I've been spoiled by analog control for too long and don't like the idea of going backwards like digital + buttons to steer and digital action buttons to look around.

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Well, I better get rations for 2 years now. I was expecting this game to release when the world ends, and that might now be sooner than I thought.

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Apogee? Need to find out about this game.

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hmmm, would be cool if it were to come out..

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Bring Commander Keen!! :D

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Apogee. Just hearing that name makes me feel like I have returned to the mide 90's. So when is the next Rise of the Triad game coming out? :D

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I think the real question is WHEN IS HOKUS POKUS 2 COMMING? :)

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I personally think the Duke is better suited, in terms of style, for the PSP. Scanty chicks and big guns don't sound like a DS any more than GTA does. Here's hoping Apogee brings back Commander Keen as well.

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This isn't only the best news to come out of E3, this may very well be the best piece of gaming-related news I've ever heard. I imagine this is how a Christian would feel if Jesus suddenly came back and held a press conference to the effect of: "hay guyz I'm back. btw - bible part 2's on the way."

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Hope my boy does come back. "Who's Your Daddy!" Still have all his games in my collection.

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Wow! Okay, the games that they release are REQUIRED to play the old Apogee tune when you start them. THAT'S THE LAW!

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Apogee huh? Rise of the Triad and Raptor, FTW. :D :D

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The return of Apogees seems too epic

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This trillogy better be for the DS. Apogee. Never thought I'd see them again.

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Hopefully they can bring back commander keen. i believe they still own the publishing rights to the games just like the original duke nukems trilogy. If both trilogies appear on the DS that would make my day.

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I have been waiting 10 years.....just give me the new duke.

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I've never really played a Duke Nukem game before, so I can't really say what I think of this... :?

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Duke Nukem on PSP plz ^^ Oh and 3-D Realms? I want that new DN game now, it's been over 10 years and thus appalling if not more so it's not out by now. I was still in grade school when it was supposed to be released, so plz, DNF FTW!

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Apogee, lol. Rise of the Triad FTW!

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That's what they always say.

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Apogee can't bring back Commander Keen because ID software owns the rights since they were THEIR games.

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So are we going to wait 10 years before we get those games too?

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@dr_jashugan: I agree..i won't believe till i see it

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Man this is really cool.

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I hope they bring back the Raptor franchise, does anyone remember? it was a very nice vertical scroller shooter! the age of shareware...fond memories!

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To clarify, DNF will (maybe someday) be coming to PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, while the Duke Nukem Trilogy will be coming to the "handheld market".

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So, I assume their plan to revive Duke Nukem is to release the first 2 or 3 in hand held form, followed by the actual FOREVER game, in hopes to build anticipation and excitement for it before it comes out. In other words, they will hype the crap out of it and then release FOREVER and hope to live up to that massive storage of hype.

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Bring back Bio Menace!

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Bring back Commander Keen!

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Still, seeing is believing. 8)

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hmm I thought you said handheld market meaning psp and ns? this says ps3 and xbox? that sucks because anything the psp gets that other systems get just sucks!

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Is it April again already?

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I'd put in 50$ for patched for XP/Vista Duke nukem+ add ons + shadow warrior.

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This is so lame that no body will post comments..............................OH DOI!