E3 2002Simpsons Skateboarding impressions

The Simpsons get skateboards, so skate like crazy.


The fact that EA was working on a Simpsons skateboarding game was revealed quite some time ago, but it's only now that information on it is coming to light. There's a playable version of the game here at E3, and it's apparent that the game is designed more for The Simpsons fan than for the skateboarding fan.

The game's controls are similar in style to those of the Tony Hawk series. You can use the triangle button to grind, you can use manuals to link ground tricks, and you can perform kick and grab tricks using the square and circle buttons, respectively. The response time on the controls seemed pretty bad, making it difficult to pull off complex air tricks. The midair movement seems a little clumsy, making it difficult to line up grinds. The goal system works a bit like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 and Aggressive Inline in that goals and timers don't start until you trigger them.

Graphically, the game does a good job of conveying Springfield and its colorful characters. You'll see many of the famous Simpsons characters walking the streets as you skate.

Simpsons Skateboarding is scheduled to ship later on this year.

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