E3 2002Evolution Skateboarding impressions

Arto Saari and Solid Snake unite against evil spiders and runaway trucks in Konami's upcoming skateboarding game.


Evolution Skateboarding is, in essence, the sequel to Konami's last skateboarding game, ESPN X Games Skateboarding. That game had its share of flaws, but it managed to bring some new goal styles to the genre. Evolution Skateboarding looks to do the same by adding boss fights to the mix.

The game features a handful of professional skaters. The roster thus far inlcudes Arto Saari, Stevie Williams, Rick McCrank, Kerry Getz, Colin McKay, and Danny Way. The game will also feature some hidden skaters, including the tactical espionage action star Solid Snake. The game features a variety of fantasy levels, including a Castlevania-inspired castle and Big Shell from Metal Gear Solid 2.

The PlayStation 2 version of the game plays an awful lot like Konami's last skateboarding game, with slightly stiffer turns and tricks than what some skateboarding game players might be used to. The major new feature in the game is that each level has a boss fight goal. For example, in the castle level, you'll have to fight a fire-breathing spider by grinding on his web until it falls. You'll dismantle a tank by grinding it to bits, and you'll also have to deal with a runaway truck.

The game is being developed at Konami's Osaka studio and is scheduled to ship for the PS2 and GameCube later this year.

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