E3 2002: War & Peace preshow report

Microids' next real-time strategy PC game is inspired by the battles of the 19th century. New screenshots inside.


Microids will be demonstrating an alpha build of War & Peace, its upcoming PC real-time strategy game, at this year's E3 in Los Angeles. The game is inspired by the wars, revolutions, and technological advancements of the 19th century. You will take control of one of six different nations, and you will oversee every strategic and tactical aspect of that nation's conflicts with its neighboring countries.

In addition to building and leading massive armies into battle, you will manage the economy and diplomacy of your country. Each playable nation will have a different set of strengths and weaknesses, as well as a different capital to defend and a different set of heroes to inspire its people. The game is being developed so that the nations, borders, and armies are all historically accurate.

In addition to a series of single-player scenarios, War & Peace will support multiplayer games over LAN and Internet connections. War & Peace is in development at Microids' Paris studios and is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2002. We've posted some new screenshots from the game in the gallery above, and we'll post more information about the game as it becomes available.

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