E3 2002: Sudden Strike II preshow report

CDV's World War II real-time strategy game sequel will be on hand at this year's E3. New screens inside.


CDV Software will be demonstrating Sudden Strike II, its follow-up to the World War II real-time strategy game Sudden Strike, at the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The isometric game will let you command the Russian, British, American, German, or Japanese forces during World War II, and it will feature 50 new historically accurate units.

Each side in the game will have realistically modeled vehicles and troops, and as soldiers become more experienced, they will become more powerful, with greater movement, accuracy, firepower, and vision. In addition, the new game will feature a more realistic damage modeling system than the one used in the original game. The game will also include a complete game editor that will let players create custom maps and scenarios for use in the game.

We've posted some new screenshots from the game in the gallery above. Sudden Strike II is in development at Fireglow, the studio that created the previous game, and it is scheduled for release this fall.

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