E3 2002: Soccer Slam Xbox impressions

Sega brings Soccer Slam to the Xbox. We check it out.


We had a chance to spend some time with the Xbox version of Sega's Soccer Slam game. Released on the GameCube a few months ago, the game has actually been upgraded for the Xbox and features several improvements upon the GC version. The Xbox version is looking solid, and the new features give the game a nice bit of replayability.

The game's modes will be enhanced with the addition of a challenge mode and a revamping of the arcade mode. Challenge mode will let you build your own teams by customizing individual players from any of the existing teams and competing in special matches, in which you'll be able to unlock one of the three secret teams. The revamp of the arcade mode now offers quick access to single exhibition matches, the ability to mix and match players from various teams, and the opportunity to play two new minigames.

Graphically, the game appears to match the quality of the GameCube game. The detail is clean, and the frame rate is high in spite of the onscreen madness that includes player brawls and special moves. Animation is done very well, allowing for very smooth and fluid movement among the players.

While it would have been easy to just port over the GameCube game, it's nice to see some effort being made to expand Soccer Slam for its new home. In addition to the Xbox version, a PlayStation 2 version, which will share the Xbox version's features, is on tap.

Sega Soccer Slam is slated to ship this fall for the Xbox. Look for more on the game in the coming months.

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