E3 2002: Resident Evil Online first look

Sony plays a short trailer of the long-awaited game at its pre-E3 press conference.


Sony's pre-E3 press conference earlier today was brought to a finale with a short trailer of Resident Evil Online. Despite its consisting mostly of real-time 3D footage, the trailer looked to be more cinematic in intent, rather than indicative of what game will play like. The trailer began with an overhead shot of a zombie-riddled street in Raccoon City. Dozens of zombies were visible onscreen, and the surrounding buildings and vehicles were in ruins. Soon after, the trailer began to focus on a group of four regular civilians-presumably representative of what player characters in the final game-will be like. The video showed them fighting zombies, and running through various indoor and outdoor environments, and generally doing the things that characters in Resident Evil games do.

Not much was revealed about the game aside from what could be inferred from the video. What we saw would suggest that Capcom isn't straying too far from what currently defines the series. Stay tuned for information.

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