E3 2002: Quantum Redshift preshow report

Find out what Microsoft has in store for this futuristic racer.

Microsoft's futuristic racer, Quantum Redshift, will be on the show floor at E3. The game will feature 16 vehicles that are designed to interact with any sort of terrain, but certain vehicles will perform better than others if you are racing on your home track. In addition, Quantum Redshift will have five different speed modes, including the ultimate speed mode called redshift in which you can reach speeds of up to 900mph. You will be able to move from one speed mode to the next by winning races and trophies, which can also be used to unlock new characters and tracks. You will have access to a wide assortment of weapons that you can use against opponents such as plasma bolts, tidal waves, and nuclear weapons. Each vehicle will have a unique weapon placed at various points on the track. The environments in Quantum Redshift take place in both the wilderness and in futuristic cities. Four-player split-screen support is also planned.

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