E3 2002: Pokemon GBA details confirmed

Nintendo confirms that it will release its Game Boy Advance Pokémon game in Japan, the US, and Europe.


Pokémon for the Game Boy Advance wasn't shown at today's Nintendo press conference, but Nintendo representatives confirmed that the new Pokémon game for the Game Boy Advance will indeed be launching in Japan this fall and is scheduled for release in early 2003 in the United States and 2003 in Europe.

The new Pokémon game allows players to take up the role of either a male or female Pokémon trainer and interact with a cast of dozens of new Pokémon to capture and train. Some of the newly confirmed Pokémon include Kecleon, Azurill, Wailmer, Volbeat, and Wynaut.

The release of Pokémon for the Game Boy Advance will coincide with the release of Wizards of the Coast's upcoming Pokémon-e cards, which will be fully compatible with the currently available Pokémon trading-card game. The new e-cards can be swiped in the Game Boy Advance e-reader, allowing players to bring their favorite Pokémon cards into the video game. Also coming soon are Miramax's fourth Pokémon feature film in the US, Pokémon 4 Ever, and a fifth Pokémon film in Japan. Kids' WB will also be launching a new season of the television series Pokémon: Master Quest.

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