E3 2002: New Bomberman Generation screens

Majesco releases new screenshots of the GameCube Bomberman game.


Prior to E3, Majesco released a new batch of screenshots for Bomberman Generation, the upcoming GameCube puzzle/adventure by Hudson Soft. The game stars the iconic Bomberman, and it takes place in the year 200X. Bomberman's friend Professor Ein has discovered a way to mine "bomb elements" with an unknown energy source, and he has filled a freighter with them headed to his home, Planet Bomber. He is hijacked on his way by the Hige Hige Bandits. The bombs were scattered as a result, and it is up to players, as Bomberman, to retrieve them before the Hige Hige Bandits can.

The game will be highly reminiscent of the classic Bomberman gameplay style, though it will take place in the context of a 3D adventure. Players will be able to traverse a variety of environments replete with booby traps and enemies, and they'll use various sorts of bombs to overcome them. The game also features a distinct cel-shaded visual style, which lends itself quite well to the subject matter.

We'll have more information on Bomberman Generation once E3 commences. Till then, check out the screenshots that Majesco has provided.

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