E3 2002: New BloodRayne screens

Majesco releases new screenshots from its upcoming third-person action game.


Majesco has announced that BloodRayne, the upcoming third-person action game under development at Terminal Reality, will be playable at E3 this week. The game is heavily influenced by first-person shooter control mechanics, and it puts you in the role of a buxom female half-vampire with a variety of supernatural powers. Set against a pre-World War II backdrop, the game's plot will involve all sorts of political intrigue. As BloodRayne, you'll have to foil the plans of the Nazi army. BloodRayne will have a variety of powers at her disposal, including enhanced senses, a Max Payne-like time-slowing ability, and varying levels of "bloodlust"--a power that is activated when BloodRayne consumes certain quantities of human blood, which boosts her combat abilities considerably.

We'll have hands-on impressions of BloodRayne from the E3 show floor later this week. Till then, check out the screenshots that Majesco has provided.

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