E3 2002: New Black & Bruised screens

Majesco releases new screenshots from its upcoming cel-shaded boxing game.


Majesco has released new screenshots from Black & Bruised, its upcoming cel-shaded boxing game, for the occasion of E3. The game puts a cartoonish twist on video game boxing, taking 18 different characters and throwing them in the ring for slapstick antics. The game will make use of the GameCube's pressure-sensitive face buttons, which will allow you to throw different types of punches while keeping the control layout simple. The characters' state of health will also be reflected visually on their faces, which is something that could turn out quite well, given the game's visual style.

Black & Bruised will be on display at Majesco's booth at E3. We'll provide you with hands-on impressions once the festivities commence.

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