E3 2002: Neocron preshow report

The massively multiplayer postapocalyptic role-playing game from CDV will appear at the game industry's biggest trade show. New screens inside.



German game publisher CDV Software will be presenting Neocron, its upcoming online role-playing game, at the 2002 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The game is set in a futuristic cyberpunk-style world in which most of the planet is uninhabitable, and the last refuges for humans are huge metropolitan areas such as Neocron. You'll have the option to stay within the city or venture outside into areas populated by mutants and other dangerous creatures.

You'll assume the role of one of four primary types of characters: private eye, tank, psimonk, and spy. The game combines traditional role-playing elements such as character development and skills with the fast-paced combat and controls of a first-person shooter. Once you have become familiar with the game, you'll have the option to engage in player vs. player combat in addition to the standard player vs. environment combat. The game will include a reputation system that will cause players who kill other players indiscriminately to become outcasts of society. For those who prefer nonviolent activities, Neocron will also let you make a living through trading or constructing items to sell to other players.

We've posted some new screenshots in the gallery above that show off some of the characters, creatures, and environments featured in the game. Neocron is currently in the beta stage of development at German game studio Reakktor Media, and it is scheduled for release in late 2002.

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