E3 2002: Konami announces 2002 PC game lineup

Konami has announced that it will be bringing several of its console games to the PC.


Konami has announced its upcoming PC game lineup for the rest of the year. The company plans to release nine games for the PC, many of which previously appeared on video game consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox.

This June, Konami will release three games: Frogger: The Great Quest, Shadow of Destiny, and Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra. Frogger: The Great Quest is a 3D platformer inspired by the original Frogger arcade game, and it originally appeared on the PlayStation 2. Shadow of Destiny also appeared on the PS2 and is a 3D adventure game in which players play as a young man who is mysteriously murdered but somehow keeps reliving the day until he can solve the mystery of his own killer. Konami Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra will feature the two classic arcade-action games that the developer originally produced for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System console.

In September, Konami will release Bomberman, a compilation that will include the original arcade game, Bomberman '93, and Bomberman World.

In October, Konami will release Konami's Moto-X, a tentatively titled racing game that will take place in a postapocalyptic future ruled by biker gangs.

In November, Konami will release three games: Frogger Classic, Silent Hill 2, and Evolution Snocross. Frogger Classic will be another 3D action game inspired by the arcade game. Silent Hill 2 is a survival horror adventure game that originally appeared on the PS2 and the Xbox. Evolution Snocross will be a 3D snowmobile racing game. Finally, Konami also announced that it would be bringing the highly acclaimed 2001 PS2 action game Metal Gear Solid 2 to the PC.

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