E3 2002: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure impressions

Jojo is on an adventure...a bizarre one. Find out more about this aptly named PlayStation 2 game from Capcom.


The last time Capcom created a game based on the long-running Japanese manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the result was standard Capcom fare--a 2D fighting game. Now, the company is looking to make a new title based on the manga series, and this time, the game has a more episodic, level-based design.

The levels play out like little stories within the game. They start out with a setup, detailing which character you'll be controlling and your objective. Usually, as you make your way through an area, you'll be given a secondary objective to tackle as well. The game lets you walk around the level freely, and you have basic attack and roll commands. You can also unleash your stand, which is a crazy spiritual alter ego that pops out of your body and does all the heavy lifting. Your stand does the major fighting, so the game boils down to finding an enemy, activating your stand, and attacking.

What makes Jojo interesting is its graphical style. It uses the same cel-shaded technology that drives Capcom's Auto Modellista. This style accurately conveys the comic-book look and feel that the developers are striving for, displaying a cartoonlike version of 1920s Italy and the insane cast of characters that populate Jojo's world.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure will hit the PlayStation 2 later this year.

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