E3 2002: Golden Sun sequel details

Nintendo has released new screenshots of and information from the sequel to Golden Sun for the Game Boy Advance.


Nintendo has released new screenshots of and information from Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the sequel to the popular Game Boy Advance RPG. Details are scarce at present, but in the press release issued by Nintendo, it was stated that the story for The Lost Age will be far more expansive than that of the first game in the series. Players will have the ability to meet and join parties of other characters, and party members will come and go as the story dictates. The gameplay will include action outside of the turn-based combat that made up the first game's experience, and players will have the ability to collect "djinn," which can be used in battle to solve the game's puzzles. Djinn can also be assigned to specific characters to affect their attributes.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is currently scheduled for release in Q1 2003. We'll have more on this anticipated RPG from the E3 show floor later this week.

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